70mil/h Polarized Retribution T1 abyss

My good friend @Ibayd_Te_Jori gifted me a polarized Retribution that works wonders in T1 abyss solo. I demonstrate it in action here! Gets about 70mil/h, could be more if I was more lucky.

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And this is supposed to be balanced?

You want another variant for the cap battery? CCP removed all the other 3 variations in Tiericied. :slight_smile:

I really think the Bhaalgorn is an underrated ship with polarized lasers it gets me about 1500 dps with T-2’s it’s about 1270, either way it’s great.

Marshal wave might be a bit clutch, I’m not sure. Perhaps with blinged armor mods you’d be fine, but who’d use blinged mods on a T1 Abyssal?

you can do t1 abyss with much cheaper ships.

I am pretty sure that a 4B officer-fitted gila also “work wonders in t1 abyss solo”, but why would someone use it for that?

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My point exactly. Heck a 20 billion Gila can blitzkrieg through a T1 like Germany wrecking France in 1940, but even an asylum old-timer wouldn’t consider that.

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@Douglas_Norter & @Wyk_Bathana stop being silly :stuck_out_tongue:
frigate abyss gives 3x as much as cruiser abyss. getting a frigate to solo t1 abyss is relatively easy, but not as straight forward in certain waves. on top of that getting a high dps fit to blitz the sites in a cheap fit adds another layer of difficulty in deciding a fit.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: heh heh I love thinking about blinged ships

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