Abyss Orange clouds affect armor repairers? Vedmak dead in T3

I lost my dual rep Vedmak in a T3 firestorm tonight.
I couldn’t understand what was sucking my cap dry.
I was in an Orang eCloud, but as far as I knew, Eve Wiki
does mention that the Orange clouds affects SHIELD regen only.
NOT armor regen. If I knew I would have stayed away from the cloud.
I issued a ticket for reimbursment.
Is it only me or does somebody else didn’t know of it??

And also, How is it possible that a loaded Ancillary armor reparer would consume cap anyway??
It does makes absolutely no sense. The wiki mentions a percentage, to the Ancillary shield booster,
of negative impact on the cap usage, but that should IMPLY that the ANCILLARY BOOSTER IS USING CAP IN THE FIRST PLACE… So many wrong pieces of VITAL INFORMATIONS THERE.

WHO is responsible for writing the ABYSSAL WIKI???

The pockets will also contain clouds and Triglavian towers that apply effects to player and NPC ships in their immediate vicinity.

Localized Clouds:

  • Filament Cloud (orange): Penalty to Shield Booster boosting (-40%) and reduction to shield booster duration (-40%). If using a conventional (not Ancillary) shield booster, in effect this does not weaken your shield booster, but rather increases its capacitor cost per second by 66%. If you rely on a shield booster to survive, you should avoid entering these clouds.

The Ancillary repper in the video didn’t want to start again even after I exited what I think it was the cloud, I had to watch the video for see that. IF it was not the cloud was it an ancillary repper bug?? I just know that because of it all was lost. I don’t feel like it was my fault or anything like I could have done something wrong… there seems to be something I do not understand that caused the malfunction…

PS: The GUI system needs a more reliant WARNING CAPABILITY.
IF something is SUCKING your CAP DRY, It just cannot be just a stupid
Orange ICON, which gives no INFORMATIONS on WHAT THE …xxx… is going on…
Sorry… We neeed a better Alarm system and readable graphics of what is going on
without having to Hoover over something which in a convulse situation can be frustrating to find,
but some passive reading on the SHIP SIDE, like the Alarm that your Cap is going DRY,
IT MAY BLINK RED IF ITS BEING NEUTED, or sorts, and it should point a blink on the culprit!!
Be it a Ship, or in this case, a CLOUD!!

I was also checking the log for clues, but it gave no clues!!

[Vedmak, *Vedmak ABYSS LOST]
Federation Navy Medium Armor Repairer (it was a RF NAVY made with Mutaplasmid to good fittings stats, very hard to make, I wasted close to 1Bil only for this module in Mutaplasmids and trials…)
Imperial Navy Multispectrum Energized Membrane
Reactive Armor Hardener
Dark Blood Multispectrum Energized Membrane
Damage Control II
Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer

10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Thukker Large Cap Battery
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
F-12 Enduring Tracking Computer

Heavy Entropic Disintegrator II
Small Energy Nosferatu II
Small Energy Nosferatu II
Small I-ax Enduring Remote Armor Repairer

Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Medium Nanobot Accelerator I

Valkyrie II x1

Optimal Range Script x2
Tracking Speed Script x1
Tetryon Exotic Plasma M x3158
Baryon Exotic Plasma M x2912
Meson Exotic Plasma M x2881
Occult M x9772
Mystic M x19843
Nanite Repair Paste x52
DED Turret Booster I x1
Synth Exile Booster x1
Smuggler Low Observability Booster I x1
DED Scan Booster I x1
Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB3 Dose I x1
DED Armor Booster I x1
DED Armor Booster II x1
Smuggler Blockade Running Booster II x1

If someone can taka a look and try to illuminate me on what has been going on…
At least I could prepare for futureproof my Abyssal runs…
Whatever is, It makes no sense to me.

The Run Before in T2, went absolutely fine…

If you hover over the icon at the center of the UI in the cloud, I BELIEVE it applies to all repair modules. It was not a bug and if anything, it may be a typo, but I highly doubt it. Next time your in the abyss hover over that icon.

Players! Just like you and me not CCP

That’s embarassing…
Btw the fit was cap stable without the anc repper and it didn’t start even if I was outside of the
supposedly cap draining cloud… something has gone terribly wrong there…

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Ancillary armour reppers use cap both loaded and unloaded.

Loaded they repair 3 times as much damage. This immediate effect is the reason that they are common in PvP fits.

The cloud makes repair modules cycle faster. Therefore, consuming more cap. Thus, capping you out causing your death. While you sit there with no AB and rep.

Ancillary armour reppers use cap, it’s the ancillary shield boosters that don’t use cap while loaded.

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That is what boosted x3 repair amount means?
I learned something new…

there is still the cloud itself, there has been no indications whatsoever I was in a cloud, both visually or by icons, or the log, none hinched at was going on, in the final moments I entered a blue cloud I think… I’m beginning to think there was no cloud…

Their name should be changed in something less controversial, sharing the same ancillary name as the shield booster makes space for misinterpretation of the module functionality. I always associated it with something that does not use caps, and uses charges only, when loaded…

They should be called Nanite Boosted Armor repair, NOT Ancillary Armor Repairers…

Death by incompetence… how wonderful…

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There was no clouds, just an honorable death…

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I don’t really like the name ancillary shield booster either. Changing the names of them both would suit me.

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