Tactical shield manipulation idea 🛡️

The idea is this, to voluntarily allow bleed through of damage passing through by controlling The shield by manipulating the hardiness /resistance of the field by setting up values of resistance 100%-75%-50%25% the damage that passes through will not remove HP from The shield they will be applied to the armor,
For example if I set up my shield resistance to 75% and I get a weapons fired at me with damage of 100 DPS the 75 points of the damage will be applied on the shields and calculated depending on the shields resistance the other 25 points of damage will be applied on the armor and it’s resistance therefore creating tactical shield manipulation in reality.

It would be very interesting to see this effect on the armor as well and in effect allowing for a true Omni Defensive Strategies to take effect .

Just imagine if they allow to use Nanite Repair Paste to gradually repair structure and armor so you don’t have to run for repairs at the station ,

This will allow you to control the incoming damage load to the designated area and adjust accordingly in order to give time for repairs to the more critical areas in effect enabling damage management at the fly :wink:

You going to ask why go in such a trouble but the truth is that I like to put in challenges for the software engineers working on CCP pooling the long tail of that python everyday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This tactical shield manipulation has several advantages and game strategies and tactics that you can use on your setups to take advantage of it


so you will kill your shield ship with shield HP left but you run out of armor and i assume this would run into structure as armor is gone ( otherwise will be stupid ) … great idea ! … wait no … stupid idea

I know by now you love me :heart_eyes::partying_face::partying_face:

and we all know you will never come up with an useful idea ! only such ■■■■■■■■ which has no improvement at all

You will be surprised because several years ago it was my idea that your targeted ships now have a nice circular representation similar to the one represents your Shields and armor then two vertical bars you should thank me for my constructive idea as the developer said at that time look up my history , you might be able to find it maybe yes maybe no the forum was done over again and a lot of things got lost , in the past the form was nicer people were better and had more constructive ideas than actually arguing and being negative on other people’s ideas then actually saying something constructive

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no you dont … !

then come up with an interesting and constructive idea and we can discuss ! but i saw your history of posts and… im sure this will never happen !

I can think of a few practical applications.

Take passive shield regeneration for one. There is an optimal regeneration rate when you hit a certain point in the shield damage range. If you could maintain that point by bleeding damage through to armor without the shield “breaking” that would be a valuable tool in tanking heavy damage until you could mitigate it by some other means.

Another example would be priming your Reactive Armor Hardener early by allowing some damage bleeding through your shields. When you shield depletes and you are in armor tanking you would already have the correct armor resistance profile set.

Not sure how this could be done but it has some interesting merits.


but this heavy damage kills you ! shield ships dont have much armor buffer !

and again … a shield ship dont have that much armor buffer and will never use a RAH ! and if you field an armor ship then you simply dont care about your shield HP !

there is no valid reason to have such a “bleeding mechanic” implementet … it just kills the whole shield doctrines …

In addition to the two very interesting use case you provided, there is also the one where you use your shield resist for armor resist.
However I don’t believe the RAH would work since damage that is dealt to armor through shield is still considered as hitting the shield (it hits shield then is removed from armor). Not sure though.
In both the RAH and Shield-To-Armor-resist cases, it depends on whether the hit penetrating the shield is applied directly to armor (so with armor resist) or the damage is removed from armor (with shield resist). The former would make RAH trick work, the later STA.

it’s 25%. Your passive shield regen is at its max when shield HP = 25% max shield


My idea is clean through pass and recalculated on the armor
Wanda Faye was able to see one of the benefits, but reducing the damage on the shield you allowing The shield to maintain HP in order for its resistance to take effect .
The ability to adjust the bleed through effect is what determines if you are using as a main defense shield or armor and manipulate accordingly.
One of the main factors is the ability to create a dual defense system, in effect creating a shield tactical manipulation


clean through pass ?

Yes I agree that bleeding to armor can be useful on mixed buffer fit. Be it shield/armor or shield/hull

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Not super jazzed to have my shield boats taking armor damage when my shields are still up

NGL this is actually a creative/original idea. I like it.

it if means you will actually get your shield back up faster, then it may be worth it.

but what does it bring me a full shield if my armor and structure is gone ? this idea is a big nerf to all shield fleets because they need also armor repair in their fleet to compensate this “bleeding”

and bleeding to structure you cant remote repair … oh wait you can but remote structure repairs are ■■■■ becaus to much cap useage, to less structure rep, no ship with any bonus on this … so CCP need to bring up real structure RR !

at first it sounds like a nice idea but if you think about it then its not because of all this changes ! this would break the whole balance between shield and armor !

Please, read the OP. Nothing would change for you…

voluntarily or not … still breaks balance and is still not good !

Don’t feed the troll .

because you culdnt handle the truth ?