Just an idea off shield and armor bleed through damage

The idea is this , let’s say you are receiving a strike of 100 points of EM damage to your shields your shield EM resistance is 60% when it gets impacted by the damage it will absorb only 60% of the impact and it will lose 60 HP points out of its capacity , the remaining 40 strike points of EM DPS will strike the armor ,
the armor EM resistance is 60% when the armor gets impacted by that remaining 40 EM damage it absorbs the 60% of the 40 damage points and loses 24 armor HP and the remaining escapes and impacts the structure with the force of 16 EM DPS ,
As you see I’m using the Shields and the armor as a filter but the structure is the ship itself of the 16 points of damage out of the initial hundred will be removed from the structure hit points.
You going to say who cares it’s fine the way it is but as I remember EVE Online since 2004 they always wanted to find a ways to make it a little bit more interesting and more complicated sense complicated makes it more interesting :grin:

Good. Today you make any tank useless. Or rather making hull tanking OP?

The structure is the ship The shield is just a buffer and the armor their hit points is their durability , this method only makes it more realistic , it does however make it necessary to have to repair shield armor structure

Awful idea. Logi will become trash because hull reps are trash and it literally won’t matter how much shield/armor rep they can output because the hull damage will kill you eventually. Applying full non-resisted damage with each shot will require a rebalance of all weapons and defenses. Is there any problem that you wish to solve, or are we solidly in the realm of “wouldn’t it be cool if?”

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Eventually will need a passive hull repair , and also more hull points .

To be fair I like the idea of not being able to perma tank and everything having a timer, nothing worse than stale mates like astero vs astero and you sit there for 8minutes until 1 person has 1 drone left the other has 0 and you are just sitting there perma tanking like np.

But 40% is crazy if it were to be balanced it would have to be something like 0.5% bleed but bleed from shields would have to go directly to hull instead of armor that way a in a fleet fight you can stay on one target if you wish and eventually wear them down or swap target’s a lot to try get the logi to make a mistake.

If you think of ancient battle’s fitique was also a major factor’s in war. Eve online only has capacitor for fitique but its super easy to do cap transfers to counter that. The bleed effect could count as the fitique and open up new battle strategies. But those bleed numbers would have to be pretty small to be viable.

And the objective would not force people to have hull repairs but to accept that their ships are wearing out slowly and they need to take that into account during a battle.
Would even remove self hull reppers from the game.

that’s what drew me to eve… the realism :roll_eyes:

but what makes you think magic scifi shields would “realistically” be permeable

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Good. No more stalemates.

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A Shield on spaceships always was something similar to artificial atmosphere therefore permeable

Lol what do you mean “always”. Sci fi examples cross the spectrum from impermeable to inconsequential.

Halo is a great example most will have heard of with “hard” shields.

I suspect there is a confusion between “more immersion” and “more reality”, and I really suspect people won’t like the latter - many games try not to be perfect reality simulators: reality is unenjoyably inconvenient.

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So true the only possibility for the science fiction shield to exist in reality is only as an atmosphere encapsulating the structure of a vessel somehow magnetically attracted to the structure and repelled at the same time , similarly to the atmosphere on a planet attracted by gravity repellent by pressure ,
Anyway it’s just a game and I’m not a scientist just trying to Express an interesting idea

There is lot’s of ways.

Use a magnetic field to quantium lock nanites in a sphere formation around the ship.

Use some hardcore chemical soap 10 000x stronger than what we know that makes an actual thin film bubble around the ship and use pressure vent’s to hit on the opposite side of the bubble when ever something hit’s it.

The atmosphere thing you guys talk about and 1000 other ways.

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What about something like that magnetic field of a planet, the one we know of it filters radiation if somehow was more powerful I guess it would be a smart bomb not a shield with all this plasma really :joy:

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If its powerful it will just grow in size thou, for a force field you need it to stop at a point and increase pressure on that surface layer :smiley: wish we had it in real life for reference.

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