Deadspace remote armor repair modules take too much powergrid

After coming to terms that the scythe is a minmatar boat - ermm I mean is not suited for an oversized prop mod and since the test server now has deadspace modules seeded, I went a little nuts and put a little bling on my logi.

Now here is something very weird with the medium remote armor repair modules - the sansha deadspace ones take way too much powergrid for my taste.

But let’s take a look at number because we love numbers, the Serpentis remote armor repair units:

  • Corelum C-Type medium armor repair uses 132MW powergrid and 24 tf CPU
  • Corelum B-Type medium armor repair uses 132MW powergrid and 24 tf CPU
  • Corelum A-Type medium armor repair uses 132MW powergrid and 24 tf CPU

For comparison,

  • The tech 2 medium armor repair unit uses 132MW powergrid and 24 tf CPU

Now let’s look at the Sansha ones:

  • Centum C-Type medium remote armor repair unit uses 181MW powergrid and 24 tf CPU
  • Centum B-Type medium remote armor repair unit uses 187MW powergrid and 24 tf CPU
  • Centum A-Type medium remote armor repair unit uses 192MW powergrid and 24 tf CPU

We can make an argument that “it’s deadspace, e2, stop complaining and deal with it…”.

Or we could take a look at the medium remote shield boosters for comparison, shall we?

In store we have the angel cartel ones and the Guristas ones and let’s start with the easier to fit and capacitor friendly angel cartel ones:

  • gistum A, B and C-Type remote shield booster uses 65MW powergrid and 61 tf CPU

For comparison,

  • The tech 2 medium remote shield booster uses 65MW powergrid and 61 tf CPU

The evil Guristas ones go the CPU route of deadspace modules:

  • Pithum C-Type medium remote shield booster uses 78 tf CPU
  • Pithum B-Type medium remote shield booster uses 80 tf CPU
  • Pithum A-Type medium remote shield booster uses 83 tf CPU

Looking at the Guristas medium remote shield boosters, the increased CPU requirements are not super bad because you can just fit a co-processor and you are good to go.

Powergrid is a very different story, my fellow logi pilots. Armor ships need a lot of powergrid to fit plates in the low slots to get a comparable tank the shield logi gets.
However, it is currently not possible to make a similar fit for armor logi ships like the Augoror that you can make with an Osprey, however realistic it may be.

So what I did was, fitting an Osprey with the following:


  • 4x Pithum A-Type medium remote shield booster
  • 1x Corpum A-Type medium remote capacitor transmitter

Mid slots:

  • Gistum A-Type 50MW mwd
  • republic fleet large shield extender
  • 2x Pithum A-Type adaptive invulnerability fields
  • Sentient sensor booster (ECCM script)

Low slots:

  • Caldari Navy Co-processor
  • Sentient damage control
  • True Sansha Reactor Control Unit

Rig slots:

  • Medium processor overclocking unit
  • Medium Anti-EM screen enforcer II
  • Medium Core Defense Field Extender II


  • 43.003 ehp and 47.271 ehp with a second medium core defense field extender
  • 1925.2 m/s speed with mwd on
  • 6 tf CPU left
  • 0.8 powergrid left
  • 413 shield HP per second

This overblinged logistic ship has more repair power than a tech 2 large shield booster Basilisk fleet fit:

  • Basilisk with 4x tech 2 large remote shield booster reps 340HP shield per second
  • This Osprey reps 413 HP shield per second without heat but this one costs around 3.5 billion isk, so don’t do this unless you have a ton of cash

Feeling inspired, I wanted to do something similar with an Augoror:

High slots:

  • 4x Centum A-Type remote armor repair unit
  • 1x Corpum A-Type remote capacitor transmitter

Mid slots:

  • Gistum A-Type 50MN mwd
  • 1x Sentient remote sensor booster
  • 1x Sentient sensor booster

Low slots:

  • 1x True Sansha Reactor Control Unit
  • 2x Centum A-Type energized adaptive nano membrane
  • Sentient damage control unit
  • Imperial Navy 800mm steel plate (I may use the syndicate one instead)

Rig slots:

  • Medium ancillary current router II
  • 2x Medium trimark armor pump II


  • 37.552 ehp
  • 1717.3 m/s speed with mwd on
  • 7.8 tf CPU left
  • -242.8 powergrid over the fitting limit (but works with the Serpentis remote reps)
  • 407.333 armor HP per second

My proposal, reduce the Sansha medium remote armor repair units to 132MW powergrid and leave the rest of the attributes as is.


To be thorough, both the Exequror and scythe cannot fit the Guristas or Sansha medium remote armor / shield reps without gimping the fit so hard that you don’t want to undock but make up for it in different ways and are very able to repair themselves when you are by yourself.

The Centum rep quite a bit more than the Corelum module.
Why should the corelum modules be cast to oblivion just because?

Edit: Also isn’t Corpum Blood Raiders and Centium Sanshas?

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I have a Thalia fit which works quite well for small gang. Nothing to stop the concept from scaling up.

They do but remember the Serpentis remote reps need much less capacitor and cycle much quicker.
The medium Serpentis reps cycle at 5.4 seconds and the Sansha ones at 6 seconds.

That is correct and we have blood raider and Sansha remote capacitor transmitters in the game.
The also differ in transfer amount and range. The medium blood raider capacitor transmitter has longer range and gives more cap at the cost of fitting and the Sansha one has slightly less range and capacitor transfer amount at much better fitting.
The medium remote capacitor transmitters are however not subject of this topic.

I love the Thalia. May I ask if you are using a mwd or an afterburner on your fit?

I know that both are very viable, however I cannot decide which one I like better.

The Corelum do rep quicker correct, however they still don’t rep the HP/s that the Centum reps do, which is where the trade off is.
Corelum 56.29 HP/s
Centum 62.66 HP/s

I use both. Mwd and AB and injector. Two speed rigs.

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People much smarter and with deeper pockets than you found good use for these go back to t2 and meta 4

Insulting me won’t help the issue.

That is also correct and the same can be said for the angel cartel and Guristas remote shield boosters.
I found the angel cartel ones are fitting very nicely on the scythe, where CPU becomes a problem much quicker than on an Osprey.
So both the angel cartel and Guristas remote boosters have their uses.

The Serpentis remote armor reps fit perfectly on the Exequror and are very kind to the capacitor and even though I can make the sansha ones fit on her, the capacitor use is very demanding on the Exequror.
The question remains, why shouldn’t the sansha remote armor reps not fit on an Augoror?

Dropping to 132 does not even “fix” your issue. You only save 60 per remote rep and you are currently over budget by more than 240…

Oh I forgot to mention that the fit works with the Serpentis remote reps and the Syndicate plate, the Imperial one uses like 20-ish more powergrid.

All I want is an “even” armor logi fit. With the Augoror and the Osprey being the fleet logi, I thought they should have close to the same abilities.

They don’t have to but since the Osprey doesn’t have much issue putting the best available remote shield boosters on, so should the Augoror.

I don’t think that it would make the Serpentis remote reps useless all of a sudden. I do love to have them on an Exequror, where I believe they fit the best as do the angel cartel remote shield boosters on the scythe.

Since I have been talking about the scythe and the Exequror, I should probably give the fits for them that I had in mind:


High slots:

  • 3x Gistum A-Type remote shield booster

Mid slots:

  • Gistum A-Type 50mn mwd
  • Gistum A-Type medium shield booster
  • Gistum A-Type adaptive invulnerability field
  • Republic fleet medium capacitor battery
  • Federation Navy sensor booster (eccm script if needed)

Low slots:

  • Federation Navy Co-processor
  • 2x Capacitor flux coil II
  • Shadow Serpentis damage control unit
  • Thukker power diagnostic system

Rig slots:

  • Medium anti-em screen reinforcer II
  • 2x Capacitor control circuit II


  • reps 276.25 shield hp per second + 64.8 shield hp per second if you use 4x medium shield maintenance II’s and one light shield maintenance bot II
  • 2290.7 m/s with mwd on
  • Signature radius with mwd on is 304m without booster pill
  • 16.1 tf CPU left
  • 4.6MW powergrid left

This fit is cap stable and can resist the missile volley of light fighters if you stay moving and use a strong booster pill.


High slots:

  • 3x Corelum Medium A-Type remote armor repairer

Mid slots:

  • Corelum A-Type 50MN mwd
  • 2x Republic fleet medium capacitor battery
  • Federation Navy Sensor booster (eccm script if needed)

Low slots:

  • 2x Corelum A-Type energized adaptive nano membrane
  • 2x Dark Blood capacitor power relay
  • Shadow Sepentis damage control unit
  • Corelum A-Type armor repairer

Rig slots:

  • Medium ancillary current router I
  • Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
  • Medium Nanobot Accelerator II


  • reps 277.44 armor hp per second + 70 hp per second if you use 5x medium armor repair bot II’s
  • 2209.8 m/s with mwd on
  • Signature radius with mwd on is 323m without booster pill
  • 34.8 tf CPU left
  • 5MW powergrid left

This fit is not cap stable but you have 15 minutes for everything running and the cap regenerates quickly enough, so pulse the local rep when you need it.
Yes the Serpentis mwd, while also pleasing my OCD, had to be there because powergrid becomes an issue when you want to keep the two batteries on, which I recommend.
The difference in signature radius with mwd on is 323m to 310m, without booster pills, which I also recommend.

Both fits are for the case that you are by yourself and 3-4 buddies to keep alive. They are highly unlikely for a roam on TQ but an excellent case for showing that the Serpentis and angel cartel remote reps are perfectly viable.

After watching the ship and module balance talk of EVE Vegas reminded me, that no precursor ship can use the Sansha armor remote reps, at least not the medium ones.

If you don’t believe me, hop on SiSi, fit a Vedmak and put the tech 2 disintegrator and 2x Centum medium armor repair on them and try to fit a plate - lol.

You seem to be forgetting that armor is better in almost every way to shield reps.

Better cap per hp, better cycle time better effective range better capacitor ships. Shields you have the joke that is start of cycle. Some how that makes up for all of its downsides.

However i have never had an issue fitting deadspace reps. And it is no easier for a shield ship to fit extra cpu than it is for an arbour to fit an rcu. There is no fitting discrepancy here.

You don’t fit a full deadspace fit to a t1 cruiser let alone t1 logi why should the RR fit .Tech 2 fit just fine and a t1 logi can function with that quite well.
The deadspace RR best fit to the tech 3 cruisers and ocasionaly blinged out logies t2 hulls

That’s why I said “however unlikely the fit is”. The Sansha remote reps fit just fine on my Guardian but the Guardian costs more than 40 Augorors.
Anyhow, I thought both fleet logi should have some resemblance of a similar tank.

This is part of a larger trend where shield modules are easier to fit than armor modules. For example, I’d say almost every good Osprey fit has at least one large remote rep, but good luck trying to put a large armor rep on an Aug or Exeq. Likewise you can fit an XL local shield booster on a battlecruiser, but it’s pretty hard to put even a large armor rep on a BC. Given that armor and shield are pretty well balanced right now, I think reducing armor remote rep fitting requirements to similar levels as shield remote reps would be a bad idea.

The main complaint is that Osprey and Augoror are un-even in that regard and both being fleet logi, I assumed they could be fit similar.

Why would anyone want to fit a large remote rep on a t1 cruiser? The tech 2 logi has the fitting bonus for that.
An Exequror and the scythe both have the same rep power as a 4x large meta fit Oneiros and scimitar, using bling reps and drones.

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