BUG with Perin Heavy Mutadaptive Remote Armour Repair or T2 version!? *update* **DON'T BUY Perin Heavy Mutadaptive Remote Armor Repairs**

Not sure if this have been mentioned before.

But looking at the Perin Heavy Mutadaptive Remote Armor Repair an Factional module, it doesn’t follow the normal factional module design.

Instead of lower fitting requirements and activation cost/time, with the normal enhanced range, and reduced HP repair.
This factional module has higher activation costs, and higher Powergrid requirements, only to have an 500m range benefit and reduced damage heal.

Perun vs T2 version

  • Activation cost;
    564.0 GJ vs 513.0 GJ
  • Optimal Range;
    12.50 km vs 12.00 km
  • Armor Hitpoints Repaired;
    496 HP vs 512 HP
  • Powergrid Usage;
    561.0 MW vs 396.0 MW

Perun vs Scoped version

  • Activation cost;
    564.0 GJ vs 465.0 GJ
  • Optimal Range;
    12.50 km vs 11.63 km
  • Armor Hitpoints Repaired;
    496 HP vs 448 HP
  • CPU usage;
    72.0 tf vs 60.0 tf
  • Powergrid Usage;
    561.0 MW vs 396.0 MW

Compared to the ‘Love’ Medium Remote Armor Repair and it’s counterparts;

Love vs T2 version

  • Activation cost;
    110.0 GJ vs 171.0 GJ
  • Activation time/duration;
    5.40 s vs 6.00 s
  • Optimal Range;
    10.50 km vs 10.50 km
  • Armor Hitpoints Repaired;
    256 HP vs 228 HP
  • CPU Usage;
    14.0 tf vs 24.0 tf
  • Powergrid Usage;
    95.0 MW vs 132.0 MW**

Love vs Solace Scoped version

  • Activation cost;
    110.0 GJ vs 155.0 GJ
  • Activation time/duration;
    5.40 s vs 6.00 s
  • Optimal Range;
    10.50 km vs 9,625 m
  • Armor Hitpoints Repaired;
    256 HP vs 224 HP
  • CPU Usage;
    14.0 tf vs 20.0 tf
  • Powergrid Usage;
    95.0 MW vs 120.0 MW**

As can clearly be seen the Factional versions normally have better fitting requirements, and better alround features than it’s T2 version or T1 storyline counterpart.

So why is the Triglavian Factional Remote Armor repair module one of the worse in the game compared to it’s T1 and T2 versions?

Surely an 500m range bonus doesn’t justify such a massive negative in it’s Powergrid requirements, Activation cost, and Armor HP heal rate, when it’s cycle time and other features are identical to all other versions?

Is it possible that most of the T2 version and the Perun stat’s have been loaded on to the incorrect module?
After all normally the T2 has the worse fitting requirements on every module in the game, and factional are normally easier to fit and offer better features than the T2, only harder to get your hands on.

Anyone else wondered about this?

**EDIT: (update) **

After odd responses and not response to the last Bug report.

All I can suggest is DON’T BUY Perin Heavy Mutadaptive Remote Armor Repairs, you’re just wasting ISK for an sub-T2 standard Faction module!


I was about to report this as a bug too. Clearly there has been a typo the Perun Heavy Mutadaptive remote Armor repairer is worse in every single way to a T2. 10% more activation cost + 42% more PG for 3% less reps.

There might have been a mixup with these last two numbers. If you change them around they amount to 10% more activation cost + 25% more PG for 10% more reps which seems a lot more sensible.


Can only hope, and fingers crossed @CCP_Falcon or one of the other CCP crew pick up the ball and fix this bug.

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Has CCP even looked at this?

If they want the Trig logi ships to be used more this needs to be addressed.

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Best bet is to fill in a bug report or go post on Reddit they tend to be more active on there rather than their own official forums.

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Done that too.

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Got to love the mentality of some support personal!?!

You post a detail support ticket for a bug and then get told to re-post it through the game???

If you post a support ticket with any other company they have the common sense to automatically pass on the information to the departments involved in dealing with the issue.

After all they know exactly who deals with them, why request a client to resend the whole ticket in an different system to the same company?

Oct 27, 01:08 UTC

Hello, this is GM*****.

Thank you for informing us about this issue. It would be a great help if you could file a bug report on this matter in case our developers need more information about it. Most of the developers have no access to the ticket system and use a separate system to track and address bug reports. Also bug reports submitted in-game provide much more detailed logs about the issue and are more insightful to the developers.

You can file a bug report from within the game client by pressing F12 and clicking on the ‘Report Bug’ button located at the bottom of the pop up window.

Alternatively you can use our website to file a bug report if you are unable to do so through the game client. Here is a direct link for your convenience:


Please feel free to include as many details as you can, including any screenshots you may have. Hopefully, with all the information you can provide, our developers will be able to determine what the root cause of the issue is.

Please note that bug reports are generally not a two-way communication. Your report will be reviewed by the Quality Assurance team and if they require any further information they will respond. If however the information you provide is sufficient for them to investigate then generally they will not contact you or respond to the bug report.

If you have any other questions about this or any other matter please do not hesitate to get back in touch.

Best Regards,
CCP Player Experience EVE Online

I’m guessing english isn’t a first language as it’s pretty clear there’s something incorrect with the item in question, do we have to dumb things down for CCP these days?

Second question is why is an GM answer an bug report support ticket, shouldn’t this be vetted through to the right department straight away?

It’s a 10 second job to confirm the data, just need to compare all version of the item clearly shows the data in no time.

You can clearly see I’m completely dumbfounded by the response from CCP support!

Hopeful @CCP_Falcon or @CCP_Darwin or one of the others looks into this and sorts out how tickets are handled, as this is a joke!


I did some research and it appears these differences are by design.

That said, and speaking more generally:

Bug reports and support tickets serve two very different purposes. Support tickets are intended to be a way for you to get help with your account or your character. Bug reports are to let the developers know that there are general problems to fix.

Support tickets and bug reports ask different questions to serve these different purposes. For example, support tickets do not ask for the steps to reproduce the problem you’re describing, but we need those in an actionable bug report. Also, in-game bug reports submit a package of information including game logs, settings, and the state of your game session. So, if there’s an error logged that has to do with the problem you’re seeing (and there often is!) then we’ll see it with a bug report.

The support department can and does pass along bugs that they hear about from support tickets, but because these reports are often missing a lot of this critical information, it varies how much value such reports have.

So please, if you want to report a bug, fill out a bug report. It’s very likely that the relevant team will see your bug report the same day, try to reproduce it if possible, and get it scheduled for a fix.


@CCP_Darwin can I ask an honest question.

Why is the Perin Heavy Mutadaptive so far out of balance by design?

specially the CPU requirement.

Powergrid Usage;
561.0 MW vs 396.0 MW (Perin vs T2 version)

Plus the fact that to make an Perin you need to make a T2 version to make the Perin.

This miles out of balance.

Just to add to this the lower T1 named versions are better than the Perin!

And the whole faction not being as good as the new T2 planned is a bit silly if you have to do long missions or huge groups of NPC’s to just get the BPC for them, you can’t improve their mat/time eff’s and you have to have high skills to build T2 or buy them to be used in the factional items.

I’m wondering if who ever thought of this actually looked into the whole construction and and acquirement of factional modules.

If CCP really thought about it, they should of increases the skill requires to use Faction and Officer modules.

Something wrong with this whole plan!


Yip done a support ticket and later a bug report.

And happy CCP Darwin responded.

It’s sad that most developers tend to abandon their own forums and end up a Reddit or similar third-party forum.
Seem main other developers do the same thing.

Most cases its a small portion of the community make it hard for any developer to say anything without it being looked into more than its, of if an employer is referred to other take what is said out of context.

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Glad you got it sorted :grinning:

awaiting game now.

will CCP say it’s incorrect or confirm CCP_Darwin’s findings?

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still awaiting a response to bug ticket, the support got heaps. but sadly those were to tell me to do an in-game bug report!

so now just a waiting game.

still no response to the BUG TICKET, though heaps in the support ticket that told me I’d get a better response if I sent a BUG ticket, go figure!!!

just wish the support guys just sent it directly to the bug support team, should have been sorted by now.

to think this bug*(?!)* has been in game since the TRIG Logi ships were introduced and no-ones said a thing about this?!

maybe @ CCP_Goliath might be able to shed some light on to this issue of slow response from the BUG team, as he’s the QA director, or maybe @ CCP_Sledgehammer might be able to look into the delays?

who knows seems odd to have no response at all so far from the bug report other than the automated email response.

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just rechecked the bug report on this and it was closed without ANY response from CCP in any form (no emails, ticket replies, nothing)

got more response for the support ticket telling me to submit a ingame bug report as I would get better response, that was a load of @#$%#@.

CCP needs to work on their communication skills, as it seems to be lacking majorly.

submitted a new bug report ticket, who knows someone might actually be working on the bug support PC for one and it might get answered. though not going to hold my breath on that one!!!

I find it extremely hard to believe CCP would design such items to be worse than an T2, when Factional has always been better and harder to get than T2 versions.

This is a dead topic CCP say the factional is as it is,massively out of wack, leaving the T2 a better easier fitted module.

The Perin is a complete waste of isk to buy or research. To be honest it in its current state has no useful place in the game.

Sad that a factional module is completely useless that even meta1 modules are better.

Well no update and the bug report ticket is still sitting as an open ticket, no answers or anything.

Almost as if CCP have put their head in the sand over this one.

All I can suggest is DON’T BUY Perin Heavy Mutadaptive Remote Armor Repairs, you’re just wasting ISK for an sub-T2 standard Faction module!

With all the ddos attacks going on among other things, something like this is probably put right to the back burner for things to be sorted. Although looking at how long this ahs been going on you would of thought it would of been sorted a while ago.

Mutadaptive remote repair modules, like other Triglavian modules ramp their performance over time.
So, based on the stats, after a few cycles this “bugged” repairer is actually out performing the T2 - 744 HP/cycle compared to 512 HP/cycle at peak.
Compare the “Maximum Repair Multiplier Bonus” and “Repair Multiplier Bonus Per Cycle” and understand what they mean in practice.

There’s a balance reason the fittings are higher - the amount repaired, especially at peak is very high and in the sake of balance you’d want to force a compromise on the fitting. At peak, a pair of Triglavian Logistics Cruisers can out perform three Guardians, you need to push that down a bit by increasing the fitting costs.

Similar to Triglavian weapons - poor for the first few cycles, but one in their stride they are highly effective.

I’d say that was working fine.

You won’t get a response to a bug report unless CCP needs extra information to fix said issue.