More Remote Repair Modules - Faction (all) and Deadspace larges

I hereby propose faction remote repair modules, and extension of the deadspace lines into large remote reps with a little spicy twist.

3 variants of faction modules -

A fitting optimized version - Similar fitting to the compact versions, but t2 range. Between C-types and T2 cap and HP/cycle and HP/s and slightly better than t2 cap efficiency. Factions suggested - Thukker, Syndicate

Example module - Thukker Medium Remote Shield Booster
45MW 38TF
Optimal range 6000m Falloff 9000m
320HP/cycle Activation time 7.2s 244 GJ/cycle
Derived efficiencies HP/GJ 1.311 (base, vs. 1.328 for t2) 44.44HP/s (t2 is 42.5) GJ/s is 33.88… (T2 is 32)

A version based on having more rep/s, either through faster cycles or larger boosts. Similar to T2 fitting, better hp/s, within 2-3% of T2 cap efficiency and 5% or so better range than t2. Factions suggested - Imperial Navy, Caldari Navy

Example Module - Imperial Navy Large Remote Armor Repairer
640MW 46TF
Optimal Range 14600m Falloff 4500m
540HP/cycle Activation time 6s 385GJ/cycle
Derived efficiencies: HP/GJ 1.4025 (t2 is 1.4027) HP/s is 90 (t2 is 85.33) and GJ/s is 64.166 (t2 is 60.833…)

Cap efficiency
A version with a higher cap efficiency - Similar fitting to T2, lower cap use. Factions suggested - Republic Navy, Federation Navy

Example module - Republic Fleet Large Remote Shield Booster
220MW 115TF
Optimal Range 8250m Falloff 13500m
680HP/cycle Activation time 8s 470GJ/cycle
Derived efficiencies HP/GJ 1.447 (t2 is 1.252) 85HP/s (identical to t2) GJ/s is 58.75 (t2 is 67.875)


Ideally, this would be viewed in concert with these two other topics, one mine, one from @Anolin_Enor.

Shield remote repair rigs:

Logi battleships: