Shield rep rigs + implants

So, Remote shield reps have some notable disadvantages compared to armor in many circumstances. Namely:

  • Less cap efficient.
  • Less raw HP/s
  • No variants beyond t2 for large remote shield reps.
  • No rigs or unique implants for shield to up repair amount or make them more cap efficient.
  • Much harder to get benefits from Saviors because of the much less cap efficient nature of shield reps.

These are compounded by the battleships with bonuses to armor reps, which aren’t duplicated in shield.

Thus I propose

  • Remote Shield Repair Maximizer rigs, which increase rep amount by 12.5/ 15% (t1/t2 respectively) in exchange for a 10% increase in CPU needed
  • Remote Shield Port Optimizer rigs which reduce cap used per cycle by 20/25%(t1/t2 respectively) in exchange for a 10% increase in signature radius
  • A series of remote shield repair sets which mirror the Asklepian sets, possibly in the Sansha LP store

This would provide a fairly large shakeup, and make shield small gang able to compete other than by pure kite with armor small gang, as well as making more of the fleet PVE more even between shields and armor


Shield reps also have some bonuses.
Shield Multispectrums give larger bonuses, making shield resists slightly higher
Shield reps apply their boost at the start of the cycle, not at the end of the cycle.
And shield tanked ships have lows for DPS.

So… What you propose is going to massively unbalance shield reps because you neglected to take the bonuses they have already into account.


On the other hand, shield reps have more falloff for a shorter optimal as well, and the capacitor, EHP and fitting on shield logi is a much tighter thing, shield continues to lack resist bonused hulls with logi buffs.

I admit, if we ONLY look at t2 logi, it does seem like shield logi would get slightly more out of these bonuses than armor logi, because of the worse place they sit inherently. RR t3s would see only modest improvements from these, potentially making the RR loki highly viable again after the recent kick in the teeth. Shield rep battleships are fairly rare and niche because of the lack of rep bonuses on them and the tiny optimal range of shield reps compared to battleship weapons scales and lack of agility (except for PVE fits to rep drones, which are gonna be their own wierdness due to rep and drone interaction)

Also, EANM to “multi-spectral” is an unfair comparison, due to natively better spread armor resists in most profiles vs all t1 shield profiles, the ability to force invulns off via capacitor warfare, higher fitting cost. Admittedly, a point in favor of “multi-spectrals” is the ability to overheat, but this is generally gonna be pretty dang temporary.

This seems well thought-out and balanced in its suggestion. +1 to the idea.

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