Abyss Player Points and Leader Board

So what i would like to see is each player who tries The Abyss get a number of points from CCP and if they lose there ship in the Abyss they keep their points…

Each month Awards are announced depending on your points, the higher your points the more awards you get…

For example you could win PLEX, items which can even be sold or added to your ships, free ships, etc

This would help promote the Abyss and get more people attempting The Abyss.

Depending on which Filament you choose the more points you get when you complete that Abyss.

yes lets further encourage players to spend their time in drab isolated pockets ccp couldn’t be bother with ballancing

Even “better” soon you’ll be able to spend Pearl Abyssal points in their real life cash shop on cat ears and golden ammo. :stuck_out_tongue:

They should remove abyss, it was a mistake, not encourage it.

no it wasn’t. the goal was a short boost in acu and to get a few people to re-sub for a bit and it did that. Not everything is about making the game as enjoyable as possible. That only helps in the long run and we all know its the short term that really matters

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