Abyssal Arena - Participation Trophies?

Hi y’all.

I haven’t tried the new proving filaments yet due to being busy with work, and from what I’m gathering so far from the forums, it seems that “winning” involves taking part in as many matches as possible, which is definitely something I don’t have time for right now.

So my question (partially directed toward CCP, I guess) is: are there, or are there any plans to add, participation trophies to give everyone who takes part in this event an opportunity to not feel like they lost out? Doesn’t have to be a usable item like a commemorative ship or anything like that - something like a market commodity item, maybe a gold medal or a trophy with the name of the event in the description, would work just fine.

Thank you for reading.

It sounds like a terrible idea, but it actually isn’t. They could have made some participation skins, like they did for Project Discovery. Too late now.

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A trophy or a medal commodity item would be easy for them to add with minimal effort, so there’s still hope.

Really, a consolation prize? :crazy_face:

More like a participation candy. I mean, hell, they give away skillpoints as prizes just for using the filaments.

Social History: They started calling it Participation Trophy because the idea that we need to Console the Losers, aka Consolation Prize doesn’t make sense when…

Everyones a Winner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If CCP wants me to ever go into this thing they would need to bribe me with something.

If I only play like 10 matches and win 7 of them, I’m still technically a winner even if I didn’t make it to the top of the boards like the players who play 1,000 matches and win 700 of them, and I feel like that should be rewarded as well. You might have a knee-jerk reaction to disagree with the logic, but it is sound.

Also because in a lot of events, simply participating in a meaningful way actually requires significant skill and effort and in any ranked system you need the other participants for your top people to gain rank against so you want to make it worth while for them to enter.
But hey… continue to belittle things you don’t understand.

See, nothing has changed, the winners need losers or they can’t be winners, so you bribe the losers with consolation prizes :rofl:


:woman_shrugging: reality?


The rewards that you can potentially get from these arenas are not worthwhile enough?

Where are skins for mere participation in PD? As far as I remember you have to actually work to get these skin crates. You couldn’t just open PD, do one riddle and then get a reward.

You don’t however have to “win” to get them. You just have to do enough PD.
Participation rewards do not have to be do a single one and get them all. They can be set to various thresholds such as 50 arenas.

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As an addition I would like to suggest a gold medal or a trophy for those of us who deliberately didn’t participate, so we also do not feel lost out.


Do I also get a gold medal when it isn’t deliberate?

I’m letting the proving ground filaments expire because I don’t want to touch my redeeming queue, it’s so big these days.

You absolutely should!

L O L oh wow this is a pure millenial request. Actually asking for participation trophies

lmao. thanks for the laugh kids

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Thanks for showing your ignorance and privilege. It’s always a laugh reading such replies.

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