Abyss stuff

o7 everyone, how’s your day, how are ya?

After some time away, got some abyss stuff left over, some goodies, some mediocre, on a couple feel free to offer, however I will note on which I expect atleast what offer. Offers are welcomed here, or pm, or ingame mail/convo.

  1. Decent armor rep (feel free to offer)

  2. Decent Pith X-type XL shield booster (feel free to offer)


  1. Not bad Gist X-type XL shield booster, nice shield bonus, other stats are as you see not that great but its aight ( feel free to offer)


  1. Great rolled Gist X-type XL shield booster ( 4b for this one atleast )


  1. Max rolled dmg gyro ( 550m )


  1. Max rolled dmg gyro with abit cpu ( 600m )


I know the screenshots are a bit “unsymmetrical”, my apologies, kinda out of heat in my apartment so my hands are super shaky xD

Have a nice day folks!

edit : both gyros sold

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