Abyssal AB bug

Apparently this bug only manifests on Abyssal ABs.
If an NPC applies webefier, and that NPC destroyed the webefier effect may still persist.
Ships speed is as with the webefier effect still on PERMANENTLY.
The AB can not be turned on or off, it can not be powered off, and even if docked at a station bugged AB can not be unfit with an error message: “module is still active”

only relog from the game in a station clears the status.

Never happen on regular After Burners ( that sold on the market ), has seen 3 times already on Abyssal ABs.

VERY DANGEROUS while inside Abyss, speed can permanently decrease to double digits, be aware…

I have filed a ticket with the description and screen shots, but no response have been received in over a week.

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Do not use abyssal modules until CCP finds the way how to support trade for them in a sensefull mean.

Just checked with CCP this bug is not even in their list of acknowledged bugs

did any one else see this issue?

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