Abyssal dead space

(koiso Phoenix) #1

Im on the test server and the new abyssal dead space pockets are to hard for just one person… i have try multiple fitted ships T2 through T1 cruisers… i have almost perfect skills and have been flying for a really long time.

i would like to know if there is going to be a re-balance .
Possible fleet ops through abyssal space?

As thing are now on the singularity tier 2 and up are impossible.

tier 2 site are glitch and is almost impossible. I was on the final gate, 1 frig left 30 sec left when i click on on the gate then warp out graphics started, then i was dead…white screen corpse floating in space.

I have good internet and really nice computer so i don’t think it was on my end.

i spent all day running abyssal sites and was mortify and my in-ability to clear the dead space that i was more annoyed and frustrated then anything i didn’t not find running the sight to worth the hassle, nor the payout worth the lost of the ship required to complete them.

sincerely: koiso

(QuakeGod) #2

LOL, dyslexic monkeys in a halfway decent Gila loadout can nuke pretty much any abyss pocket up to a level 4…

(koiso Phoenix) #3

what the fit and can you link it

(Alpha Askiras) #4

Don’t use t1 cruisers, they’re not good for the abyssal sites. Use a gila or a HAC

(Dark Engraver) #5


Welcome to space hell!

(koiso Phoenix) #6

onxy is a bust as well good tank/ good for either small or big but not both… spliting dps make the site take longer… but to much time is lost trying to kill bigger ships

(koiso Phoenix) #7

also speed tanking is good but stay with in the boundries or you die

(Arthur Aihaken) #8

You got the dead part right.

(Dark Engraver) #9

Try a Gila or ishtar fit more to cover thermal and exp resistances and kitem spawns like drone swarms and drifter drone bs is okish not very dangerous be very careful of triglavian spawns they are all very hard

(koiso Phoenix) #10

tryed the ishtar fitt and lost my ass
in tier 2

(koiso Phoenix) #11

these site can get ■■■■ im tire of trying to figure them out i’ll ket someone else throw away ship to get this ■■■■ its not worth it as is

(Aurelius Kai) #12

LOL you’re on a test server. You’re hardly throwing ships away…

(Alpha Askiras) #13

don’t use an onyx, that’s a HIC. use an ishtar or deimos

(Sadon Belvar) #14

They really need to tune down the speed of triglavian ships, i mean it’s hilarious that trig cruisers orbit me at 3k+ kms and even medium drones can’t keep up with them,

(system) #15

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