Abyssal Fit

So, I have been trying to find anything I can on it but can’t find why people use Rapid Light Missile Launcher over Heavy since it can hold more missiles. Is it because of the rate of fire? cause a HML2 with 40 missiles and 10 sec reload I would think would be more applied dps.

Please let me know your thoughts.

light missiles hit small quick targets better.

What Erg Cz said. While there are large targets in Abyss the majority is smaller sized ships. RLML will apply better while being a comfortable fit on Cruisers.

I get the use of light missles over heavy, but RLML2 take forever to load, why not just use LML2? I know it would be a loss of dps on paper, but they would still get a gilas bonus.

The quicker cycle time of the rapid missile launcher allows you to take down a target faster which in abyss is essential. Quickly taking down a neuter or webifier can mean the difference between life and death.

That is all good information, I didn’t think of it like that. i’ve been trying to see if there is any kind of dps numbers to do L4 Abyssal sites, but I can’t find anything other than here is a fit that works and some of them are 3b+ isk to fit.

Have a bit more of a search around the forums for the ship (if there is one) you’re looking for, there are a few posts talking about fits other than the Gila for high level Abyssal sites (4-5s).

Edit: but if price is the concern I don’t think there’s anyway to avoid that with the high tier sites.


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