Abyssal Font for Streaming

Hey CCP,

Usually when people stream (I know not all but quite a few) they have to mask certain areas of chat channels and text (overview, system name etc…) due to opsec or whatever reason they may have. Many alliances have strict guidelines not to public critical info even though streams are not 100% live, but the information in text still might cause damage if fallen to the wrong hands.
That is why players who stream or record a battle have to use masks to cover up or blur out any critical info. Unfortunately this creates a very poor looking spot on the video, even though many pilots are doing a pretty good job to mask or blur well enought without destroying the beauty of the game to much…

My suggestion would be, since we now have this really nice and cryptic Abyssal Font, to create a setting, tool or plugin of some sort that temporarily and randomly replaces all the font of chosen parts of the client with random and always different symbols from the Abyssal Font so the written information can be hidden without having to mask it afterwards. Wouldn’t that be great?

Thx for reading, hope it can work!

The Abyssal text has been decided already, Abyssal Space System Identification
This link has the information.

I do not see any problme threre. Of cause it makes no sense if always you would assign the same letter to the same symbol. This tool just needs to pick a symbol randomly each time

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