Abyssal Sale - Part 2: Power Creep Edition

Title says it all. Putting a few of my rather powerful items up for interesting offers. Look at my other thread for special needs modules. 3rd thread with a few of my Abyssal Ancillaries coming at a later point.

Piece 1 43.42km Nos
Not much to say here, just great in every way. The fitting reduction is super nice and dat range…

Piece 2 43.52km Neut
Same here, just great. Apart from the obvious range and the perfect CPU, the Neut Amount vs. Cost is just badass.

Piece 3 12.54km Small Nos
Ok, this one could have some CPU reduction and it doesn’t nos quite as much as it could. But it does so at a nice PG cost and freaking 12.54 km before bonuses. 60 meter short of perfect range. You know on which ship to put it.

Piece 4 Speedcreep Soft Version
181,8% 1MN, it’s already a bit sick tbh

Piece 5 Speedcreep Hardcore
When fast is not fast enough, you want these 190,9% Velocity Bonus and some extra GJ to sweeten the cake. Did I say it’s fast? It’s freaking fast. Put it onto an Imp and see what I mean.

go go go


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