Abyssal Sale - Part 1: Special Needs Series

Part 1 of my Abyssal Sales threads. I’m going to offer a bunch of special need Abyssal mods in this one. Power Creep thread will follow. Ancillary Abyssals after that. Open to reasonable offers, but Lowballs are welcome too.

Also come hang out in in-game channel ‘Abyssal Trading’ by @Striker_Eriker. The place to be if you’re looking to buy/sell Abyssals.

Special Needs Modules

The modules here will not directly fulfill your power creep. They will look normal or even have some disadvantages, but they offer something special. Mostly it’s their reduced fitting. What use are the greatest stats, if you can’t ever fit the damn thing, right?

Piece 1, low PG 500mn
Quite a bit faster with a great reduction on PG. If you’re flying 500mn and you need every bit of PG, this is what you want. Great Cap/speed and PG/speed ratio.

Piece 2, low CPU Warp Disruptor
Classic Caldari Navy, cap still good, range tiny bit better, but just 19.55 CPU. If you can afford twice the CPU or much worse cap, ignore this one. If your 26 + heat is your fighting range and you are low on CPU, take it. Best CPU/range ratio.

Piece 3, in-between Warp Disruptor
Basically turned this Dread Guristas into a Fed Navy with 20% less cap and 3 less CPU. Bridges the gap between the two classes.

Piece 4, low PCU, mid range Scram
A bit like Piece 3. Turned the range above Fed Navy, while reducing CPU even further and not bricking cap. If you’re tight on fitting, but don’t want to compromise in range, it might be what you need. Best CPU/range ratio.

Piece 5, just the right NOS
It sucks when you can’t fit more range doesn’t it? How about a module that helps you with fitting and adds a nice range bonus on top? PG even below Dark Blood, while range midway between B and A Type. Best PG/range ratio by far.

Piece 6, CPU4PG Cap Battery
If you are looking for 2000+ GJ, you are not going to use a ‘Thurifer’ in the first place. You want low fitting. This one offers a compromise between CPU and PG. PG stays under Thukker, but with less than 26tf it offers the lowest CPU for a Large Cap Battery in game. A tiny Cap bonus and Res bonus on top.

Piece 7, low PG+Cap 100mn
I see this one being used on 100mn Cruiser fits that care about a bit extra speed, but more about the hefty PG and Cap use reduction. If you can afford the additional CPU that is.

Piece 8, brawlers darling Small Nos
It’s just a bit better at everything, while still being down to earth. Good fitting, enhanced range, the thing you want when you fight with in scram range.

Piece 9, “Elven” X-Large Shield Booster
It’s like these weird things in those weird books: pretty strong for how lightweight they are. You’re looking at a Pith X-Type X-Large that gives you only 219 hp/s instead of the regular 231. But, it the cycles are shorter and cap usage reduced. Anyhow, the special here is PG. Don’t have the normal 500 free? How about great reps for 425 and do something useful with that leftover 75?

Piece 10, “Dwarf” X-Large Shield Booster
Kind of like the counterpart to Piece 9. Not light-weight, but packs a special punch. Nothing extreme, but pretty strong if you can afford the extra PG.

Piece 11, Gistii / Pithii Impersonator.
If you want near the same reps/second as a Pithi, but you want it for way less Cap and a bit less CPU, this one offers that. People have far stranger needs, so don’t be ashamed to make an offer.

Piece 12, Weirdly sexy Webs
Has the rare CPU reduction on the already low CPU Khanid Web. 63,9% Strength, but with just a bit more range it stays a PVP web, not some strange 16km ratting bs, for pilots who can’t waste 10 CPU one webs far out of their engagement range.

That’s it for now. Updating later.

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