WTS God-tier Abyssals (23.75km web, perfect rolled point, etc)

I’ll edit in prices as I get a feel for their value. Feel free to make bids/offers in the meanwhile.

  • Abyssal Web #1: Toby-rolled to 23.75km and -62.2% strength

  • Abyssal Web #2: 19.24km and -57.1% strength. This is nearly good as a base Tobias web

  • Max-rolled Abyssal Warp Disruptor: a literal perfect roll – 36.000km. Not 35.999km but a perfect 36.000. Better range than a Hakim’s and only slightly below a Gotan’s.

  • Sick dope Abyssal Warp Scrambler: 13.46km, nearly same range as a Hakim’s

  • Abyssal Heat Sink #1: 30.28% dps increase. This blows a Chelm’s heat sink (28.66%) out of the g-dd-mn water!

  • Abyssal Heat Sink #2: 28.37% dps increase. Almost as good as a Chelm’s but better than an Ahremen’s (28.09%)

  • Abyssal Ballistic Control System #1: 29.21% dps increase, better than an Estamel bcs (28.66%)

  • Abyssal Ballistic Control System #2: 28.80% dps increase, better than an Estamel bcs (28.66%)

70b for the toby


won’t even start considering the toby roll for less than 100b

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How much for a bricked Toby?

Can you show the calculation on how you got to Estamel’s BCS being 28.66% please? Maybe I’m being a bit dumb tonight, but I didn’t arrive at that number myself…

Put it into pyfa, compare the dps of a ship without damage mods versus 1 damage mod

Yes, I have done, but I now wondering what the calculation is that arrives at the number.

You use the inverse of the rate of fire (since it’s a time reduction), so you end up with, for estamel:

total bonus = 1 - (1 + damage bonus% ) / (1 - rof bonus%)
total = 1 - (1 + 0.145) / (1 - 0.11)
total = 1 - (1.145 ) / (0.89) = 0.28652 = 28.652%

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