Who in the dev team thought it was a great idea to add a ■■■■ cloud barely visible that gives u insane speeds and a small map? It’s the second time I see myself reaching suddenly 6k speed throwing me outside the map and getting oneshot by the radiation zone, and once I try to get back inside I’m always lucky enough to get out of the massive speed boost so then I entered at 6.000 speed but have to somehow leave at 2k insane bright ideas out there.

lol nice i haven’t encountered that thanks yet for the warning
try using Stop Ship bind or clicking your speedometer to set a lower speed


This isn’t really the best game if you’re the type to get mad about every little setback, tbh.

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Anyone bet OP is still here?

He long gone.

Na, he isn’t here - he hit an invisible cloud and screamed off uncontrollably into the Abyss…
You can hear him if you listen carefully.

Whoosh - whine - POP!

I’ve run a lot of Abyssal sites in my time: well fitted ships and paying attention to things helps significantly.
Did the OP think “oh, it’ll take me fifteen seconds to get from here to there” and Alt-Tab out briefly only to find they’d made a mistake?

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Do you realize that if u orbit at 35km with prop on at 2.5k speed and hit the cloud u literally jump to 6-7k speed? Which gives u a 1 second reaction time if you’re close to the edge of the map?and guess what game has a bare minimum of 1 second input delay


this is the totality of my abyss experience and I already know “do not approach a tower without showing info and learning what it does”

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What tower are u talking about?

the things in the overview that are not red that do stuff when you are near
edit: did I misunderstand and the speed increase is an effect of OP going out of bounds? I read it’s bad so I didn’t go OOB yet

Sounds like you shouldn’t orbit things in there at 35km with 2.5k speed.

At least I don’t do that and I run them pretty successful. Looks like we have found a solution for your “problem”.


Gila fixes all of this. OP

It’s the king of the abyssals and always has been.

I recently got an unstable cap battery mutaplasmid from t4 abyss. :smirk: (est: 300mil) cost? 9mil filament. I love the abyss.

not a problem at all for cruisers but an issue for many frigate setups. boundary and tower damage should be different depending on hull size, or deal percentual damage.

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