Accelerator Flashpoint Spawn Rates

o7 all, I’ve been noticing that the new accelerator flashpoint sites are quire rare. I’ve gone through around 20-30 EDENCOM Fortress systems and I’ve only found one of those sites. So with that in mind, I find it very hard to see those new sites as viable forms of content (at least in my situation) as it takes a 15 man fleet to reliably take down those sites in around 30 minutes, and with these sites being so rare and spread out in most cases, these fleets would be spending quite a bit of time (1-2 hours by my best guess) forming up and travelling between systems which for many would be too much time travelling for it to be worth it to run (Both financially and in terms of fun). With that being said, would it make sense to bump the spawn rate up or make them spawn in all EDENCOM fortress systems but set them on a two or three day respawn timer to still prevent people from spamming the sites?

Keeping track of everything trig takes some effort. Could you give some background on the flashpoint sites? Are they similar to the trig “camps” that set up around wormholes to trig space? What is the general composition?

They are similar to observatory flashpoints in that they are a combat site that spawns a trig dread along with multiple other waves of trig subcaps. They seem to only spawn in EDENCOM fortresses as mentioned before and are exceptionally rare

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