Trig Invasions; do the spawns change depending upon who's winning?

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I’ve got a quick question for everyone, as this is my first time trying them out. As the title asks, do the spawns for the different sites within an invasion system get larger/smaller depending upon who’s winning the bar?

I ask because before DT today I was soloing an Emerging Conduit in my BS, and managed most of a conduit in my Loki before I had to warp out, with average of 5-6 Trig ships spawning in. Fast forward to this evening, and the spawns are now roughly 12 Trig ships, slightly staggered, with a higher proportion of Leshaks. My BS went down in less than 3mins, and when I went to recover my MTU from the area (hoping for an in-and-out), it got deleted before I could align out.

At this point Edencom were winning, whereas this morning Trig were winning. Does that affect the spawns?

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From my experience the sites do not change. no matter if Edencom was at 10% or 90%, the sites were, at least from what i could see, the same. But they are, at all time, pretty random. The first two waves are fine, but the last wave can be really big. Especially with the reinforcements that come in on these.

And at all time there could be waves with up to 12 ships and several BS. It could as well be that there was an external Trig spawn in your EC. These roamer, that are flying around, can as well be a part of an EC.
I had this sometimes when the ECs were in all systems. The first wave was in this case already 12 ships (instead of a max of 6).

I think it’s the roaming Trig reinforcements that made it felt difficult. Sites I’ve done since then have not been as bad. I’ve been trying to work out the ‘FC’ of the roamers, as killing that ship makes them leave. Thanks for the extra knowledge!

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