Access EVE chat via API


I’m just streaming a little EVE online and want to show the chat in my streams.
Easiest way would be an overlay but I’m not the biggest fan of overlays as they don’t integrate that well with the content itself I think.
So … is there any way to use the EVE API to post to chat channels? Private chat channels that is of course. I would like to grab the chat content and post it to my private chat channel in EVE.
I looked up the API EVE Swagger Interface with little success.
Thank you so much

is there any way to use the EVE API to post to chat channels

No, that is not possibe

ah … too bad
thank you for the response

You can’t use the EVE Api to post chats… but if you are in the chats and logging it to file you can write a script to constantly read your log and from that you can have it output to your streams, or whatever you like. You would have to be in game at the time and the script would need to be running on the computer that is logging (or I suppose you could expose those logs to your network and blah blah blah).

Thank you for your answer Metal Laser.
Thing is I would like to get it the other way around.
So from steam chat to eve.


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