Access Lists on Chat Channels

Pretty simple, someone correct me if there is already a way to do this that I am unaware of. As far as I know, the only way to modify the Owners / Operators / Allowed / Blocked of a chat channel is directly through selecting a Character, Corp, or Alliance. Would it not make sense to replace this with access list, or at least add access lists as an option?

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I’ve had channels with people not in corps. It really depends on who you give access to the channel, and how its set.

Yea, and you can have access lists with people not in corp, so I really don’t get your point.

It would certainly make sense from a player perspective. However, it is my understanding that chat is somehow seperated from the rest of the game. So, it might not be easy to do. IDK, perhaps someone more knowledgeable about such things can chime in.

Well, I frequently have to give players motd rights to chat channels when flying with warp to me. The thing is, you have to do it for every chat channel that they need to manage (i.e. scimi links, basi cap chain, and nightmare cap buddy chat channel). So being able to whitelist an access list for chat channels, would allow me to grant motd rights to all appropriate chat channels just by adding them to the correct access list. So, it would definitely be a QoL improvement for communities with multiple chat channels.

I’d also imagine that it would be useful for easily giving/revoking access for various sets of players (such as a sig or everyone’s alt corps). As long as they’re on the right access list, they’ll get proper access to everything (bookmarks, structures, chat channels) without anyone having to manually ■■■■ with individual chat channels.

Anyway, I found the dev blog talking about it. Can’t say I fully understand what is going on, but it does say that chat has been separated from the Eve cluster. So it’s possible that it might be really hard to implement using access lists for everything, chat included. IDK.

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