Account Recovery, Again :(

Hey CCP and all other good people

I have now tried to get my 4 accounts back several times.
The first time, is probably approx. 1 year ago, when I no longer have access to my old mail and can not remember it, I had to create a new account with a new mail, then a GM would look at it.
He said it would take a few days, nothing has happened yet and have not heard from him since :frowning:

Now I have created a partition again on 21.05.2022, there is no answer to that.
I then tried again on 30.05.2022, just to be sure.
It may be that I have to write every day for something to happen.

When I try to go to the link I received in my email regarding my account recovery, it does not exist

A soon former customer …


There are systems like KeePass, but what you could do is create an email for eve online, for example " " then choose a good password. Write both down on a paper. Then create a new account for EVE Online, use my recruitment link. Make sure to write down the username and password. Make sure to make a few backup copies just in case. IF you use the 2FA, WRITE DOWN THE NUMBER that is below the thing you have to point your phone at. That way when you reset your phone, you can simply put that number in as going back to teh website would ask your 2FA.

You could outsource that work to Steam as it will avoid username and password.

You have to start improving. This is EVE Online.

I have the passwords for the accounts , and no one has hacked them, but my acces i blocked, as the accounts have not used in 5 or more years.

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