What made me come back to Eve

I started the game back in 2007 and logged over 8000 hours in game. My first major brake came in 2013. 2016 I picked it up once more. but then a sad thing happened. For some reason I forgot my password and at the same time lost access to the e-mail to witch my EvE account was linked. Catch 22 of sorts. I contacted CCP to have this sorted out but some details whit my bank made it impossible to do a proper ID on me. I gave up. On and off I tryed to recover the account and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago, in what to me feels like a smal miracle happened. When I tryed to logg on, a chat window poped up. A GM informed me that he/she could assist me in my recovering attempt. The GM asked a few questions, my name, date of birth, home town, then the GM simply updated my e-mail address. And bam! I was back in Eve! I’d like to thank CCP for this and I really appreciate the personal help and assistance that thy offered. Keep it up and thanks for the best game in history!!


Haha, good to hear.

Hope we will be shooting at each other soon.


Welcome back!

BTW, was that GM NigerianPrince? Very helpful chap, but asks soooo many questions… :thinking:


good Job!


Welcome back to Eve and gratz on getting a long standing issue finally resolved.

Sooo, maybe I missed it but what was it that actually made you come back to Eve? Obviously over the years different things happening with the game have enticed you to try logging back in, so what was it this time, the Blackout, Invasions, etc?

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Cool. I managed once to get into another persons account like that in an old online game called Cybertown. Suddenly I was an elder with tons of skills and stuff. Was so cool… but then the game shut down after they made people pay for it.

Back in the day we use to say " eve never fades" but RL first. Fore me the love of the game is deeply rooted. I can´t point to any special thing in game that made me come back. In genral the game seems better now then when i last played it back in 2016.

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