Achura are real people: the Akrij. Listen to the voice speaking in their native tongue

> Achura: they are reclusive and introverted with little interest in the ephemeral phenomena of the material world. They are, however, intensely spiritual and Achur pilots have only recently taken to the stars. These pilots are driven, largely, by a desire to unlock the secrets of the universe.

>According to Achur beliefs, those who can reach inwards and sense the interconnection between all things are capable of accessing the universal consciousness, returning from it with novel ideas.

>Female Achur are highly regarded teachers and mentors. Driven by their intense interest in the metaphysical world, they are brilliant scientists and keen observers of the world around them. Yet despite their remarkable intellect, they are humble, patient, and capable of empathizing with anyone.

So, there is an actual population, acting exaclty like the Achura, known as “Akrij”, and you can listen to one of their female mentors here, named Swollha:

Интересная часть состоит в том, что экзо-девочка разговаривала с человеком, который считал, что она говорит на русском языке, поэтому он ответил ей так. Затем стало ясно, что она разговаривает с ним на своем родном языке.


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