Contributions Wanted: Achur Children's Cultural Recess, Literature Studies

Capsuleers - baseliners, and anyone in between,

On behalf of the Sukuuvestaa Corporation and its Achura development branch, I have been tasked with directing a program intended to teach Achur monastic children of the various peoples, cultures and their respective values and ideas from across the New Eden cluster. The current stage of the program will have a focus on literature. Contributions in the form of folklore, poetry, opinion pieces and the likes would be much appreciated by both the Achur people, and our family of employees here at Sukuuvestaa.

Feel free to post your contributions through this discussion board; they will be automatically forwarded to any monasteries and temples on Achura partaking in the program.

A few ground rules:

  • If possible, keep your contributions relatively short and easy to digest.

  • Contributions will not be subject to censorship. However, we do ask that you keep it appropriate for the audience at hand. Any strong wording should be of artistic intent.

  • Remain civilised, common courtesy for others is expected.

With these points established, I look forward to seeing your contributions!

(Please note that your work will be subject to translation)


Your programme may be interested in this traditional tale told to Namvari children.

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When so much of the monastic life involves living within the moment and emptying the cup rather than filling it with things, what would be the benefit of such a program?

That is not to say that exposure to outside references does not happen, but having Sukuuvestaa picking the material, selecting it and translating it, seems a lot like some movements of “Cultural outreach” that the Gallente Federation likes to “place” upon other nations.

Was this project discussed with Chakai Potan and other monastic representatives or is it an individual well intended endeavour straight down from corporate?

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Since you would appear to question the programme. While I am not personally committed to Achur beliefs, the monastic mentors affirmed this is in the spirit of understanding the universe and the living things that inhabit it.

Let me make it entirely clear that this is by no means a mandatory programme for any monastery out there. It is solely for the purpose of providing a library of knowledge that prospective students may consume in their free hours, if I understood correctly. SuVee Corp. has agreed to fund the programme as per request from Achura as a non-profit project.

I hope this clarifies any questions you may have.

Edit: In other words, I am following the orders provided to me by my corporate chain. But let not that break your spirits. I am fascinated with the idea of studying culture!

Might I suggest takeing a look at Elsebeths Storytime thread on these forums. it has turned into quite a collection of stories and myths from around the cluster.

It may be helpful.


Per request? That would be new. If you say so, then let us see what happens of it.

As @Cain_Aloga mentioned, the Storytime is a great place to share those stories. You can contribute with your own!

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