Action Pad iPad App with Eve Online

Does anybody know how to find out if a program/app on an iPad is ok to use with Eve? I have a buddy who plays Elite Dangerous who has bad eyes like me. He has a custom touchscreen app called Action Pad that he uses instead of his keyboard because the buttons are bigger, and he can design his UI/UX around his bad vision. I’m wanting to design my own, without breaking ToS (like binding “F” to a button for “Drones Engage” or “Ctrl+F9” for “Solar System Map."). I’m not wanting to broadcast to multiple clients or anything (I’m Very Happy with Eve-O Preview), but i’m not quite sure about how to find out. I don’t want to spend a week designing/tweaking a panel in the app only to get probated/banned from some rule meant to stop ISBoxer or multi-boxing stuff…I lean on “don’t do it,” but watching my irl bud playing ED with his iPad as a touchscreen next to his keyboard was some next-level future stuff :smile: .

It was stated multiple times that questions of “if this program is ok” nature can only be authoritatively answered by CCP. Write a mail to the support and you will get your answer.

We may only guess, but if the program provides a HID device to the system, and it doesn’t do anything beyond what a regular HID device does, it is PROBABLY ok’. Do note that it’s merely a guess by the stranger on the forums. Write a mail explaining your issue and you will get an answer.

Thank you.

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