Expand EVE Online's HID hardware support

Esteemed Community Members and CCP Staff,

I recently attempted to bind a shortcut to a GamePad. I was promptly greeted with deafening silence from the client.

CCP’s Support staff was gracious in answering my questions; Regrettably the conclusion is that in order to use a GamePad, you must use what the industry calls “hardware profiling software”, a type of software that allows devices to mimic keyboard and mouse inputs among other things including input automation.

Eve Online must provide support for interfacing with the aforementioned devices because the only way to use them forces you to break the EULA and TOS. Moreover, it is important because of enhanced user quality of life and ease of accessibility for gamers with disabilities.

As a community we should not be forced or cornered into breaking the EULA and TOS because of a lack of device support for more input methods to the game.

A button press is a button if and only if CCP enables support for more input devices.

So for the TL;DR:

CCP Please enable support for other forms of inputs for keybinding. Doing so removes the middle-man software that breaks EULA and TOS compliance, gives users more ergonomic options for setting shortcuts and impacts players with disabilities who run custom hardware to access computer systems.

Abathur Warfield

P.S Esteemed Community, hip-thrust the replies for usability!


I’ve been using Xpadder as imput interface software for a while, I use it mainly to get good shots for videos, but you can map any controller imput to the keyboard or mouse. Hope this helps.

Using third party software to interface with eve is against the EULA and TOS. That is why I’m asking for support for getting CCP to enable native support for other HID devices other than a keyboard and mouse.

It would be interesting to get CCP views on this in light of the argument that it is assistive to those who find using a standard mouse/keyboard challenging.

Considering why real world pilots have dedicated switches for every function in the cockpit, it is insanity to think that a game with over 200 shortcut assignments lacks HID support for better mapping.

I am willing to bet my dogs left front paw middle toe nail clipping that there is a large silent percentage of people in EVE that long for and romance the idea of more HID choice.

Imagine asking a pilot to fly his aircraft with a keyboard and mouse as the only inputs.

Imagine the size of the crater left behind because the pilot forgot to hit in time ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+TAB+F4.

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