Activity tracker

I tried Activity tracker on SiSi and notice that it did not register all activities properly.

might be worth giving, you know, some details?

Combat branch - do not register kills of Capsuleer and Non-capsuleer
Exploaration branch - do not register Wormhole space entry and Project discovery entries submitted


Is this new kills, or are you expecting it to have prior activity?

New kills only. I roamed in HiSec, LowSec, killed my alts on secound account, killed few NPCs in WH and relogin several times and nothing are registred.

Branche Exploaration - Signatures & Anomalies - Signatures scaned not working

Scanned more than 20 cosmic signatures, some become wormholes, some combat sites, some data sites, data sites sucesfuly completed but “Signatures scaned” counter stayed on 0 whole the time.

Why do we get that? It’s seems very redundant on the player end, why do I need that information? From developer end it would be great, but judging the past CCP data analyzing they will deduce quite the opposite from it.

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