Acution Closed: Keep Protesting Guys

nobody want Pottled ? 29 mil sp like c’mon guyz
Auction up again, there is no response from last dude :money_mouth_face:
Auction ends when someone buys Pottled lmao

Up to the top Pottled :money_mouth_face:

Try 14B again to get the role, and if you want to be serious, i will send ISK as soon as possible

sweet glad you found the ‘time’ to do dat, just hit me up Vin Mariani ingame i’m online

But I am not online. I will send ISK and the account name as soon as possible if we reach a deal. I am very confused that you have not taken the deal seriously before.

Because i’m protesting mining changes. I foresaw all this happening.

will transfer asap :money_mouth_face:

It is now 4 am in my placeI will send you ISK and account name tonight, congratulations on the deal. BTW my flagship mine ship account is a complete failure due to this redesign, and I am not happy and ashamed that CCP does not care what players think.

Vinny, I knew these changes were coming hence Dec 8th was ending date. I just can’t wipe my ass with how far fetch’d of an impact this is going to make on everything down to billionz of isk. CCP is shaking in their boots atm and now we need 10,000 miners just to mine using tech 1 crystals, never mine for a titan even if we tried… are you serious CCP !?!

It’s madness. It will bee years beefore i even attempt to mine again. I’d rather take out 15 munnins in a 1 mil Crucifier at this point. ■■■■ using arbitrator.


ISK sent and Hope the transfer starts soon!

Auction is closed to a Private Buyer. Thank You guys. Rorqs just went form 6 bil to 3 bil. CCP if you’re reading this it’s too late to revert any changes regarding Rorqs beecuz you will piss off people doing firesales to sell their ■■■■. Exequror = i still cant see offgrid dmg to ships how can i repair ppl? What are you gonna do CCP come up with another mining ship? Cuz that’s about the only option you have left.


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