*** WTS 25msp PVP Char 24 hour auction***


  • pos wallet, no killrights, in Jita

Buyout 22B
or will sell to highest bidder at 1400 eve time the 7th

Thank You

17 bil

19b offered

19.5B isk Ready



Would like to sell char in next 24 hours, make me an offer

18B offer

Thanks for the offer Moruk, sorry I was afk for a bit.
I will let the sale run 24 hours from now.
and will sell to the highest bidder if the bo is not met

High offer is Moruk at 18b.

Since when was 24hours 14 days. Stop lieing! Just say it, Be honest, you never got what you wanted 2 weeks ago.

Jarver… take is easy man, I did not get what I wanted 2 weeks ago, true. went afk a bit, now back and set a 24hour run time. This char will sell in the next 24 hours to highest bidder.

Sorry man, didnt want to sound mad :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

:wink: no worries

Was kinda like sarcasm in my head… we all know it doesnt work on the internet lol.

Isk is ready.

19B my old offer :wink:

19.5B is offered here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

im out, still searching a pure Naglfar toon then,

Doctor has the high bid at 19.5
Will check back in thread in a few hours.
Buyout Lowered to 22B

hi I’m back. It’s eve time 14:00 now, let’s make the trande continue?