*** WTS 25msp PVP Char 24 hour auction***

(Neon Cowboy) #21

Sold to doc for 19.5 please send isk to char. And account name to char. In game mail. Thank you.

(Doctor Niubility) #22

Haha. Already sent . Please check in game.

(Neon Cowboy) #23

Ok. Was at work, sending this from my phone. Will be online in a hour or so to send char.

Thank you.
Btw, I am sending char without plex petition so you should get it fast.

(Doctor Niubility) #24

I’m really glad to hear that , lol.
I’ll take care of this character and make his killboard greater.

(Doctor Niubility) #25

Already received character, very nice skills. Thanks so much.

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(system) #26

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