Add a "Taunt Module"

In Diablo 2 the Barbarian class has an active skill called Taunt. When used, enemies in the area can’t help but focus their attack on him yet less effectively. In some cases its a way to pull NPC enemies away from allies.

I propose a similar mechanic in the form of a module that we can fit to our ships. This would be useful for ratting as a way to pull the NPC enemies away from your drones and focus on your ship. Also useful in a group of crabbing fleets; if your friend’s ship is getting swarmed by NPCs you can just activate your “Taunt Module” to draw fire away from your friend and focus on you.

Literally ECM

Not just ecm there are loads of ways to bait an enemy fleet into shooting who you want. And npc aggro is laughably easy to manipulate.


ECM stops the enemy from attacking anyone but you.

I meant NPC aggro with my post. I should have been more specific.

The ability to let NPCs attack the toughest target rather than the weakest/closest/most damaging target has always been a bit strange in my opinion.

Don’t take me wrong, I loved tanking in games like World of Warcraft, but I fear that the ability to force NPC enemies to attack the ‘wrong’ target makes PvE content way too easy unless the content has been designed around it.

Content in EVE is not designed around parties of a few remote repair ships, a tough ship to draw aggro and multiple glass-cannon damage dealers.

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