Add bombing/covert cyno ability to the outside of ESS's

Hi CCP Dev’s & Co!

Just wanted to add my suggestion as part of the upcoming changes if it was possible to consider changing the outside gate ESS mechanics to more of a deadspace style, so we can have bombs launched on grid / light covert cynos on the outside.

I feel this would help small fleets better defend against massed HAC / general counter blobs and encourage more BLOPS usage as well in an environment which prevents immediate counter escalation with standard capitals as well.

+1 for allowing bombs

The classic way to blops these sorts of ‘natural phenomenon’ areas has been to create a bookmark just off grid, cyno the fleet in, then warp them 0.1 au to the site.

It would be interesting if covops cynos were allowed outside, regular ones should definitely be prohibited though.


forget that let us light them inside. >:D

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