Add chat mentions/notifications

Branching off this thread, can we maybe start bringing EVE’s chat system into the 21st century, and add something akin to @ mentions that most platforms have?


:red_circle: You mean like an actual improvement for the new chat system instead of just new issues and broken chats and disconnects? Come on now, CCP can’t do that?

But please limit it in some way. Not just “Contacts only can ping me” but also something like “only trusted chat channels can ping me”, for instance, so that local ping spam can be avoided.

It’s already sort of possible, just drag’n’drop the character’s name to chat and you and the person you’re talking to knows (and everyone else).

This isn’t at all like what I’m suggesting.

Well that’s how we do things here, don’t like it, go play one of those “modern” games.

Next your going to say OW PvP is old fashioned.

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