Add Diamond Pirate Wormhole Gas Harvesting Response Fleets

NPC pirate factions should also take a vested interest in appearing in wormholes, huffing fullerene gas, and attacking sleepers if they want to build their capital fleets with components that use gas.

Make these NPC huffers appear in wormholes by space magic please.

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I like this, it would create more of an organic feel to the game to see NPC factions flying around and attacking other. it would also be much more in keeping with the trailer of the butterfly effect (a trailer which I love by the way) where you can find someone who is now randomly under attack by pirates.

my only concern would be that resource sites in game have to be cleared of rats first, forcing everyone into a combat role before being able to explore the features of the game they would naturally like to enjoy, such as mining, industry or even salvage.

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