Add EMP/Phased Plasma T2 to Autocannons

Since Hail and other close range ammos have been buffed, ACs have lost some of their versatility that defined them as a weapon choice. I suggest adding 2 more T2 ammo variants for autocannons to mimic the damage types of phased plasma and EMP, while having hail’s tracking penalty and increased damage.

If you want to do therm/kin you should use Blasters, EM with energy weapons.

Does that mean it would be ok to add the missing damage types for blasters, lasers, disintegrators as well?

Granted from a practically point of view it would have made sense that minnies could have those damage types in Tech II ammo purely due to the nature of projectile ammo and the fact that they already have it in T1 variants as faction ammo.

However can you imagine how CCP would need to put in effort to either nerve minnie or buff others to cope with the choices you now have for damage application.

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