Add option to hide hypernet ads

How about an option that automatically hides any line in any chat channel if it contains a hypernet link?

Hypernet spam has become endemic not just on tradehub locals, but with bots flying the most common traderoutes spamming locals, and NPC corporate channels. People not interested in seeing the spam could simply check a box to no longer see them.

And to prevent people from circumventing this (“Hey check my bio for my hypernet offers!”-type spam), make it an EULA violation to circumvent this block.


Or you could leave Jita?

you can filter them

How do you do that? You cannot hide hypernets via the word filter if they change the link text.

I just wish CCP would color the Hypernet links in pink. Then I’d know what to ignore when scrolling through the text.

And replace the word “hypernet” with asterisks. That doesn’t exactly cut down on the spam, now does it? Also, you can create a hypernet link without the word “hypernet” in it, thus filters wouldn’t help in the first place.

We all have a role in life. Your role is to be an example for the importance of reading comprehension. Well done.

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I support this, especially the EULA adding circumventing someone blocking you by creating a new toon is not allowed.

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