Please allow hypernet to be blocked though the Channel Configuration

My Alliance has a rule that HyperNet should not be linked or spammed in general chat channels. This is so our members can opt-out of gambling.

Please allow our channel operators to disallow the linking of hypernet offers, to reduce the amount of work this rule takes to have. A simple check box in the channel configuration will reduce the number of spam messages greatly.


Why not kick the members who break your rules by spamming those links?

Another option is turn legal fire on, in all the corps, and when someone breaks that rule, blow their ship up

May I introduce you to the concept of a Sisyphean Challenge? They can just create another alpha account and return.

I’d already be happy if these links would be colored in bright pink so that I see them when I scroll through a chat. That would already help a lot to make this garbage more bearable.

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Then kick them again?

Pretty sure it takes them more effort to keep creating accounts and applying to your corporation than it is to kick them. Kick a few times and they’ll move on to corporations that allow them to keep spamming links.

Because that is such a great experience for all parties involved, not just the human resources people. And it could definitely not be avoided by just giving chat owners or corp owners necessary basic community management tools. Totes not.


What do you do when it turns out people in your corporation are not to be trusted because they scam or kill fellow corp members?

You’re asking for a tool to make their behaviour invisible, while you could be kicking those people from your group.

You can already turn that behavior off so that they have to resort to illegal attacks (mechanically speaking). Nothing is made invisible.

You would also just turn off the linking of Hypernet crap in your channels, not turn it invisible.

Trust is not the issue, Horde has 20k members and 300+ new toon a week. Kicking repeat offends is easy, it is the new players that just not seen the rule of not hypernet in general chat channeals.

Rather than have to tell every new player that they should keep hypernets to the hypernet channel, it better to fix it via tech.

Side effect, public channels like z-s overview ect will so no longer be spamed.

Then put some rules in the welcome message?

i do support you %100 we have that rule too…

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well, we blow each other up 7/24 man :stuck_out_tongue: doesn’t seem like a solution for us … but we dont need a solution because our people follow the rules… and ■■■■ happens pretty rare… but i definitely understand OP owners’ challenge … When you run a Profit -oriented organization people does everything to make a profit and they cant stop it… We dont have that type of issues. Still i give thumbs up and support him full heartedly :heart:

An automated welcome message is tech. And it tells your new players that they shouldn’t post hypenet links.

If your new members then cannot follow the rules of your corporation, what use is there in keeping people like that around?

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