Add programmatic Test Server Mirror to account management

Most other games I play either have area in account management where a user can initiate an automated mirror of their account without having to wait/submit tickets etc.

I am sure you guys have a lot of ■■■■ on your plate, just one of those UXI things that comes to mind.

also idgaf about all forum trolls saying -1 and HTFU and WAIT FOR NEXT MIRROR SPERG. so save yourself the trouble and move along. These aren’t the droids you are looking for.

aren’t EVE…


don’t open their test environment up for player access.

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i feel you pain,im moderating an other spaceship game and we do have database mirrors to test server,for eve its 3-5 months for us usually 1-2 months.

complaining on forum about mirror WILL NOT make them mirror it on your demand or hasten this process up,its up to their decision if they want to copy database or not and they may not deploy mirror at all.

sisi is not live server,its test server,purpose of test servers is to help players to find bugs glitches text errors etc. in game before update hits live server,test server is not for regular basis gameplay but for testing,of course pve/pvp tests are awesome but if someone spend on test serverwhole day ganking people/doing notthing then looks like someone has problem.

how about an ISD? Call him a forum troll if you like

otherwise HTFU and wait like everyone else.

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