Add "save location" to selected item window

Currently, to save a location from the overview, you need to right click on the overview. Can we have a button on the selected item window to save the location.

This would make bookmarking easier.

Still requires 2 clicks. One right and one left vs 2 left clicks…

Am I missing something here?

If you want to make multiple bm during 1 warp having it on select item menu is much easier

Like to make rolling safe bookmarks?
I would be OK with a ‘bookmark current position’ button. Even crtl+alt+click (or whatever…) hotkey would be nice too. Have default bookmark names increment instead of being the same name every time should be a thing too.

ctrl-b.....enter.....ctrl-b.....enter rinse, repeat, problem solved.

Ctrl-b. Your welcome :parrotbeer:

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