Feedback - 'track' in right click personal locations menu

Would it be possible to move the warp commands back to the top of the menu that pops up when you mouse over personal locations?

Having ‘warp to’ at the top of the menu when using your personal locations makes it easier to get moving quickly in intense situations; its just a right click, mouse-over bookmark, slight move right to click on ‘warp to’. You don’t even need to look, when you’ve moused-over a bookmark, as the most important option ‘warp to’ will be right under your pointer.

Having the warp option as second means you have to double check if you moved your mouse far enough down or too far down, which is the last thing you need when your attention is needed elsewhere on screen.

Usually bookmarks are named and give a rough location anyway, but in adrenaline fueled times it doesn’t matter where the bookmark is, as long as it’s away from here. Which is why having the first option be ‘warp to’ is most effective. Tracking where your bookmarks are is something for a more leisurely time.


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As far as I can see this is just a bug, as the “Track” option should not be enabled for bookmarks and it does nothing. Could you please send a bug report about this (assuming you have not sent one already)?

Ok, done

Thanks. The bug has been taken care of. :sunglasses:

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