Add Storm Type to Map

There is a small base of players who like to use Metalissimal Storms to do PVE.
This also means following these Storms around which results in a Nomadic Playstyle.
Currently, if you want to know where the desired storm type is currently located, you have to manually visit the System marked in the Map.
However this only adds tedium.

To Fix this: Please display the Storm Type in the Map overview.

Which results in:
This allows players to freely find the storm type they are searching for, even after not having played for a while.
Furthermore if a PVE playstyle like this develops, this would also allow hunters to specifically search for targets in the said Storms.



We can see on the map where the storms are but have no way to see which storms they are. It would be good if this information was added to the map.

Join a channel and ask around which storm is which. Or scout them on a fast ship.

Nothing to ‘fix’.

Would be a good convenience addition.


That’s not a real argument tbh.

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You could use that argument against any of the features we can find on the map.

What makes the storm types different?

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