Share your experience : Did metaliminal Storms brought new way of playing into the game?

Hi fellow capsuleers.
It’s been a year since the Metaliminal Storms brought to the game last year.

I myself don’t think it brought a new playstyles into the game, nor have I ever experienced such situation.
But, the universe is vast. So there would be someone who has found new playstyles midst in the storms.
Please share your experience or any thoughts about metaliminal storms.

New features should be always reviewed and feedbacked.


Megaloopial Whas?

Never heard of them

They miss two things. 1) A reason to be there and 2) A filament to jump into the eye. I don’t see else any meaningful gameplay around them except some annoyance to the locals.

Sometimes there’s a “Oh, a metaliminal storm. Gross.” moment and we roll the wormhole.


I liked the occasional metaliminal storm pass by, if only for how everything looks slightly different than usual.

They’re rare enough that it’s something special when you see it and their effects can heavily impact gameplay in the area. Especially when you’re flying a cloaky ship through an electric storm.

I guess you can create fits to specifically do the content of each of the storms (drone sites, trig sites, relic sites and ore sites) with the bonuses the storms offer, but as the storms are randomly moving around they’re probably near you when you’re doing something else and once you have a fit they’re gone into hostile space again. I guess it’s a nice event, but in a game that already has all sorts of activities that require various levels of attention in null sec, I never paid much attention to the storms yet.


Thought that their introduction would shake up something, but i literaly forgot his existance until you ask it

I recall looking up their locations a week ago, realizing that none of them were close by, deciding they were too much effort to get to, and going back to what I normally do.

I totally forgot about them. Haven’t seen one yet. I think I’ll forget again in a few days until someone else mentions them again.

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Originally an idea with merit and promise, but with shoddy execution - not much more than a traveling copy/paste weather phenomenon from w-space (which is far more interesting):

storms move far too slowly,
map info is a joke, but the same can be said for most visual features on the “new” map
and especially the decloaking effect of the electrical storm is an OP fun killer.

Luckily, their activity zones are small, and as a game feature it’s probably best to have the same response as one would have for a toddler showing its latest finger painting job.

We had a fun little consequence of poor planning in GE-8JV a while back (10/10/2020) when an electrical storm lead to Toilet Paper whelping a Widow, Sin, and two Panthers after the world’s greatest weatherman chased a bhaalgorn one jump into the anti-cloaky storm and lit a cyno.

Turns out blops ain’t so great when they can’t run silent and run deep.

I also probed an astero explorer out of a deepsafe while he was afk (God only knows why) during that storm.

I like them :slight_smile:


fun killer :stuck_out_tongue:
also envious :wink:

A whatimal storm?

Don’t worry, you’re not missing anything!

(Until you’re trying to cloak up in an electrical storm that is.)

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