Stormchasers Ships/Modules [Idea Contest]

Hello there, let’s spice up things around this place a little bit.

So if you aren’t aware, CCP released the Metaliminal Storms feature recently, Storms that go around Null and change the environment of the systems they affect with various debuffs or buffs.

While the concept is interesting and has the potential of creating situations and stories in Null, so far the feature hasn’t generated much hype, I have yet to see people trying to get into those or make vids about them.

Which is too bad because the concept is clearly interesting but I think there is a certain pizzaz missing to it.

So in order to actually entertain myself about those storms I propose the following challenge:

Make a class of Ships or modules whose role would be to excel in or be used in those Storms and that would be created/manufactured out of those Storms.
How, what they do, and why, I leave you to figure it out.

There will be something for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best ideas like my gratitude and consideration.

Take it as something fun to do, come with some crazy ideas, and at the same time we can discuss the interest things that could happen or be done with those Storms!


You should move this to the right category (you can edit the category by editing the original post): Events - Out of Game Events.

This isn’t a proposed feature or idea, after all - you are asking people to come up with ideas as a contest.

I would read the TOS very carefully if I were you OP, especially points 9, 10 and 11.

That is a good point, I guess I will just rank the propositions and then just offer them some ships or something.

This is a thread for proposed player features and ideas though, just that by the end of the thread I will pick the one I consider the best. So in my opinion it fits.

I base the model of this thread on the Annual Writing Contest in the Players Fiction section. They very specifically offered prizes (although now that I remember it was mostly ships and ISK) so I see no problem with me doing so.

Although, just to be safe I will edit the thread and check if it is possible to offer prizes.

If you are not proposing a feature or idea, the thread really doesn’t belong in this forum section. If your goal is to solicit ideas and discuss them, consider General Discussion or Assembly Hall. Then once a solid concept os built, it would be appropriate for it to be posted in this section of the forums, as a single concept in its own thread.

Or Events for what the OP is proposing (a contest of sorts).

I suggested that already in my first post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’re my glasses…

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