Stormchasers Ships/Modules [Actual Proposition this time]

Hello, not long ago I proposed to think out ideas on how to make Storms interestings and also what kind of ships and modules could work with them.

After some time, I actually came up with some few ideas myself, and indeed I think I have something solid.

So first off, let us think about it.

What are so unique about those Storms?

  1. They are spread and separated by Space all over Null-Sec.
  2. They have specific debuffs to resists.
  3. They are to disrupt systems or at least make the people care about where they are.

This gives already three avenues to make something sexy.

1 = > So first off, the obvious thing is to make those who are ready to ride the storm be able to play with the space the storms are in and the space separating the different storms.
So here the sexiest thing I could find would be the ability for a Stormchaser ship to jump to any Storm system.
This can take the form of several ideas:

  • Storms Beacons: Special cynos that can only be activated in Storm systems. Only Storm ships can jump to those beacons.
  • Storm Portals: Special Jump Bridges that can only work from and to Storm-afflicted systems.

To constrain and limit the effects a bit, there can be limitations about it only being from and to systems affected by the same storm (for example, you can only jump from an Electrical Storm system to another one).

2 => The special effects carried by the Storms can make the ships interesting in that depending on where they are, the ships change.
For now, I think that the best aspect that can be taken from that is making some Stormchaser ships absord the debuffs and make it even worse for them. For example, when in a Strong Gamma Storm-afflicted system, the effect of the -25% Explosive Resists would be doubled. The ship would essentially have a -50% Explosive Resists due to the Storm.
This is in part to add a balancing knob to the ships and also a way for people to prepare for the people who will be flying them and disrupting the systems where the Storms land on.

And talking about disruption:

3 => Raiders of the Storm.
Stormchaser Ships should be potent and dangerous multipliers in the Storm. The people following the Storms would likely be few, yet they will need the firepower and capacity to be enough of a pain to systems they follow the Storm in to make people care about the movement of the Storms.
That would mean being able to threaten structures, catch people on gates, and stand against way bigger fleets.

This thus asks for 3 kind of effects:

  • A Damage boost coupled with horrible tracking.
  • A Buff to Disruptors and Scrams stickiness.
  • A Self-Preservation mechanic that allow a Stormchaser ship to disengage and re-engage consistently a bigger fleet.

For that I see:

  • A Battleship role bonus that gives out a considerable damage boost but horrendous tracking when in the Storm.
  • A Frigate with a bonus to Drisruptors and Scrams inside the Storm.
  • A Module that allows for invulnerability for a set amount of time and repairing back to safety in order to re-engage.

So here I think we have enough material for a rough idea for Ships and Modules that would benefit from the Storms.

Stormchaser Frigate bonuses (per Skill level)
+2 to Disruption and Scramble effects while in a Metaliminal Storm.
Role Bonus
Suffers double the resistance debuffs from Metaliminal Storms.
Can light up Storm Beacons.

Stormchaser Battleship bonuses (per Skill level)
+10% bonus to turret rate of fire and -5% Malus to turret tracking while in a Storms.
Role Bonus
Suffers double the resistance debuffs from Metaliminal Storms.
Can light up Storm Beacons.

Covert-Ops Battleship
Black Ops bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to turret tracking speed
125% bonus to ship max velocity when using Cloaking Devices
Role Bonus
Suffers double the resistance debuffs from Metaliminal Storms.
Can light up Storm Beacons.
Can activate Storm Portals.

[Storm Phaser]
Activate to make the ship unaffected by damage for 7 seconds. During that time the ship cannot warp and but repairs 10% of its shield, and armor each second.
While in a Storm system, the ship can warp and is not affected by warp disruption during the effect.
The module cannot be used again for 120 seconds.

Here it is, tell me what you think!

The idea of Stormchaser Ships and Modules also raise the idea of how do you build them when you are always on the move following the Storms?

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