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How about making ship without any form of jump or gate drive. stricty a in system fighting ship to match up against Trig and Drifter incursions. It would be similar to a Battlerider concept that has been in sci-fi books for yrs. once made it can only be moved if you were to unassemble and use a frieghter/hauler to move. Or possibly the Bowhead if they were about Frigate/Destroyer size. But I think the idea of a small or med system defense boat would go a long way to help defend systems from incursions and having to have pilot in them means they are VERY limited on what can do

You gonna flesh that out with stats, possible ways to use it, etc?

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Why create such a limited ship.
This would suck up Dev time, Art time, etc just to create a very limited use ship which introduces a massive balance issue,
Since if this is a better ship, which it has to be or no one would use it, it creates a massive balance issue in Null and WH when defending territory.

Also it would make no lore sense, Jump gates don’t run by the ships power, they are wormholes, and powered by the gates themselves. And to move around inside a system you need a warp drive anyway.

Tech 3 cruiser.

Can change subsystems for different roles (even whilst undocked if you use mobile depot)

Can take out the rigs without destroying them. So you can repackage the whole thing and move it in a badger.

I don’t understand why you need something that can’t move between systems…

Sounds like any over sized ship in a wormhole.

C1 if you’re over a small battlecruiser in mass you’re a system boat, and same as you increase in worm hole.

The ship I was talking about would be for basically going after Trig and Drifters. In a lot of scci fi it is called a System Defense Boat and yes in null it would and could make defending terrority much easier. The reason for no JUMP capability is that it would stop a lot of players from wanting to use them expect to defend thier homes. And it also gives the Indy toons a means of stopping gankers in high and defending themselfs

Also I was not looking to make them that much more powerfull offensivly just give them increases in shields, armour and hull mostly and speed with a faster warp drive in system is all

I agree this needs to be fleshed out.
Im interested just reading it may give me a SIFY jolt.

The thing is warp drive already is an FTL drive.
So it’s not a system boat.
And jump gates don’t run off your own drive, so you warp to a gate and you can jump.
It simply doesn’t work.

Hey its just a idea I kicked out and figured it might be something ppl could help with. I sorta got ideas for a frigate and a cruiser but wouldn’t want anything bigger then that myself. I don’t wanna see it turned into a offensive tool by the big boys I sorta was hoping it could be used by the smaller corps/alliances to fight off the big boys and even out the playing field.

But why would EvE need THIS?

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