Ships With No Warp Ability

It would be cool if ships were added to the game that required quite a bit of materials to make, and ended up with a tiny signature (due to no warp drive magnetic stuff) and a really fast top speed. These could be armed, as in single Station Defense Reserve Fighters, or unarmed models of historical ships (like old models of ships or real life stuff to be funny). It would be really funny to have a space Boeing 737-900 ER.

Maybe make them super expensive so that they become collectors’ items.

Maybe allow players to submit their own 3D models as options for unarmed vessels, subject to moderation (with a timer so people don’t spam the moderators with nonsense things).

Give the ships very low amounts of health so they can be killed for their pod inside.

Make them unable to jump through stargates or Ansiblexes.

idk what else to add. Does this sound like a decent idea? If not, why?

So a completely useless ship that is also expensive?

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Uhh… yeah… maybe useful for bookmarking stuff

It’s hull could be non-existent and It’s mode of propulsion could be based on wishes and hopes. The harder you wish the faster you go.

It’s a great idea if you want a useless ship. Might as well sell the painting of it, it would be more useful as an art piece.

You’re kidding, right?

Believe it or not, I actually am not kidding :confused:

Isn’t this just a glorified standup fighter?

What’s the point of having a ship that cannot move around?

It would be stuck to a grid, unable to get from A to B by itself so it needs to be hauled by other ships, a bit like an upwell structure, except this ship doesn’t seem to have the defences and benefits like upwell structures.

Why do we want this?

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Having a ship that couldn’t leave grid would be novel… but it should have a compensating purpose.

You can already achieve most of this with a cargo container.

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Then perhaps we need faction cargo containers.


Just come to low sec. I’ll scram you and suddenly you are in a ship with no warp ability…


I live in lowsec already. Just find me :DDDD

Stronger ships for undock fights? Can be a thing.

Probably in for of special rig or something. You’re removing most of warp core but get ehmmm… something. Near unlimited overload maybe?

Yeah, interesting, like the Higgs Anchor, but it disrupts you?

That is a very smart method of implememtation.

Maybe the rig gives a ship [+maxVelocity] [-warpCoreStrength] [+weaponDamage] [+droneDamage] [+smartbombDamage] [midSlots = 1] [lowSlots = 0] [-sigRadius].

I like the idea. But if you won’t make them a bit durable/usable, then they only end up as an collector item and won’t be used.

And that is a problem, if it is a small ship, then it can’t be durable and it if can’t be durable then it won’t be used in the scenarios you are thinking of, the current meta fleets will oneshot this.

If we give this the same traits and values as standup fighters II have, will it be enough? I don’t know.

should see my malediction speed, it can go 12,000m/s

Without warp speed, it will take your Malediction 10 * 1.5 * 10^11 / 12.000 = 1.25 * 10^8 seconds to crawl from the station to that gate 10 AU away.

In other words, it would take you just short of 4 years to get there!

(You won’t get anywhere in EVE without warp drive.)

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So… EVE Valkyrie… except actually on the same server the rest of us play on.

Ouch. Better to scoop it up in a hauler, warp near the gate, jettison the ship, and board it there.

This ship class would be overpowered, since they would be invulnerable to warp scramblers.

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