Super Fast Ships For Fast Travel; New Shuttle Names; Standard Tech Propulsion Upgrades

I have an idea for a set of four racial ships that are faster and more agile than Shuttles, and have higher warp speeds than any of the other ship in the game. They could have: no or a low number of High Slots (with no Turret or Launcher Hardpoints) for a Cloaking Device (maybe Covert Ops) and/or maybe Smartbombs; a medium number of Mid Slots for active Propulsion equipment like an Afterburner, a Microwarpdrive, a Micro Jump Drive, and/or a Micro Jump Field Generator, and if needed a Capacitor Booster; and a Large number of Low Slots for passive Propulsion equipment, notably Inertial Stabilizers, Hyperspatial Accelerators, Overdrive Injector Systems, and Warp Core Stabilizers. There could also be Rig Slots, most probably used for Astronautic Rigs. The ships could maybe even have bonuses to various Navigation systems (Max Velocity, Inertia Modifier, Warp Speed) based on trained Skill levels. These ships could be Tech II Shuttles or an entirely new ship type. Perhaps they could have low cargo holds, like Shuttles; a cargo hold that is too large would be out-of-balance.

I also think that Shuttles should have new names instead of just being named after their respective races, like “Caldari Shuttle.”

Lastly, it might be cool if there were standard Tech I and Tech II Propulsion upgrades for the Hyperspatial Accelerators and Jump Drive Economizers, instead of “Limited,” “Experimental,” and “Prototype.”

Plus a suspect flag, anyone moving that fast has obviously committed a crime.

Seriously, I see no role.


I don’t understand what you mean.

I hear interceptors do this…

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You heard right! :stuck_out_tongue: But I was thinking about something not made for any combat purposes, with even faster warp speed, and more fitting space for propulsion modules.

Dont fit guns, fit warp modules and agility rigs. Done.
Propulsion mods are irrelevant since you are always in warp.

There is no point. No need.

you do realize there is a ship that already warps twice as fast as a ceptor forgot the name, Leopard 20au/s.

The Leopard is a Minmatar ship, there aren’t any ship for the other races; it also a special edition ship, it isn’t quite standard or accessible.

Other race’s can fly it already, with 0 training needed, I guess they can seed it :smiley:

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What do you mean by “seed it?” I apologize, but I’m not familiar with that term. :sweat_smile:

I value my time and like to travel fast. My speed fit Dramiel aligns in 1.7 seconds, warps at 14.34 AU/sec. and still has room for 130M3 of cargo. If I need more capacity I fly Blockade Runners. Unless you’re in a region of space with huge systems - more than 50 AU between gates, you really don’t need more warp speed - you only spend a couple of seconds at full speed - the rest is accelerating or slowing down!

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what about the council diplomatic shuttle, they are like insta-align and immune to bubbles, no guns or turrets but you can fit a cloak + prober and more lows for align etc… + rigs. It is kinda exactly what you were talkin but not the name or class.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it just looks like a normal Shuttle to me; it has no Module Slots or Rig Slots, the same Navigation stats, is a little more tanky, and some different Targeting stats.
Council Diplomatic Shuttle - UniWIki

It means make them available in game on market as a blue print or something.

Its called a luxury Yacht, 1.9sec align time, Interdiction Nullification, 20,000 EHP anti smartbomb, warps @ 14.8AU/sec

The HG ascendacy set is completely overkill but its still pretty much the “premier” ship to use when moving HG pods around at a decent speed so keep in mind you only use the cloak when theres hostiles on gate because of the reactivation timer.

Why are these needed?

What happened that made you want think to suggest these?

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